Khloe Kardashian Flaunts Her Post-Baby Curves While Out With Baby True

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has finally come out of nesting since giving birth to her daughter, True Thompson, on April 12. She took her almost one-month-old baby girl out for a stroll in a Cleveland, Ohio park. As you can imagine, the paparazzi weren’t far behind to get the first shots of the mommy and baby together.

Kardashian stepped out with baby True nestled in a stroller, covered in a blanket to shield her little eyes from the sun and to protect her from nosey photographers. She wore curve-hugging yoga pants and large sunglasses. While the paparazzi pictures of her post-baby body came with mixed reviews from the public (as always), most are commenting on how amazing she looks one month postpartum. The reality star herself, on the other hand, had her own thoughts to spill on the photos.

The new mom posted to her blog saying she was shocked by what she saw, “I couldn’t believe how big my booty looked!” she wrote. “I can’t wait to tone up again and get my body back to where it was.” She’s been updating her fans on the beginning of her back-to-fit journey, “I’m super excited because my doctor finally cleared me this week to work out, and I’m going to meet with Coach Joe! I’ve literally been counting down the days.” She knows it won’t be easy, but she’s determined, “I’m actually proud of myself for not being as big as I assumed I would be, LOL—but I’m ready to start getting my body back and feeling mentally clear again,” she added. “Bring on summer and the hard work—I got this!”

Kardashian first began going “beast mode” at the gym during her rough split from her ex-husband, Lamar Odom, back in 2013. She’s mentioned on her show, Revenge Body that she coped through the emotional time by hitting the gym and sweating it out. Judging from the rocky time she’s going through with her current boyfriend and father of True, NBA star Tristan Thompson, the gym could be just what she needs right now.

On April 10, just two days before Kardashian gave birth, Daily Mail published a video along with photos of what appeared to be Thompson kissing and cozying up to another woman. There was also a video of him entering a hotel with that same woman, and emerging with her four hours later. TMZ later released more damning footage of him kissing and getting physical with two women at a lounge back in October.

When the cheating scandal first surfaced, Khloe was “completely devastated” a source told Entertainment Tonight. The Kardashian family made their stance on the matter known by unfollowing the basketball player on social media. Sister Kim Kardashian, as well as mother Kris Jenner, made appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Kim called the whole situation “messed up” while Kris said it was “very unexpected”. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind they are on team Khloe.

While it was up in the air whether or not the couple would stay together following the scandal after the birth of True, multiple outlets have reported that the two are trying to work things out. “She’s focused on keeping her family together. She seems okay with Tristan — there’s no talk of a split,” a source told

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