24 Pictures That’ll Make You Want To Throw Your Whole Computer Away

The Internet is a treasure trove of pictures that have the power to elicit a variety of emotional responses. Most of us seek out the positive ones, which is why adorable animals and blunderous babies tend to dominate cyberspace. However, if you take a gander at literally any comment section, you’ll know that some people are looking to get riled up for no apparent reason.

For those who like to dabble in the realm of less than pleasant emotional responses, there are a number of pictures online that are just waiting to test your patience. This collection of frustrating photos is bound to hit at least one nerve and will help temporarily relieve you of any real-life annoyances.

Here are 24  purposely aggravating pictures that will make you want to throw your computer out the window.

1. It’s surprising that more people don’t just opt for concert DVDs over tickets when, unless you’re in the front row, you’re likely to be watching the concert through someone’s phone screen anyway. There’s nothing wrong with taking a picture, but then there are people who feel the need to record entire songs (that they’ll never actually watch), and the worst offenders tend to have phone cases like this.

2. What’s more annoying than your mailbox filling to a point where you can’t receive any more emails? Your email service provider continuing to fill the said mailbox with emails telling you that your mailbox is almost full. Daily frustration disguised as a new email with the sole intention of psychologically destroying the disorganized.

3. YouTube has become a great resource for teachers to find educational material in a visual medium, but for some reason, they collectively seem to leave the cursor on the play bar every single time. It’s like watching the clock or water boil, time slows down to a painful level of unbearable.

4. Since phones have become so integral in our daily lives, there are many apps that we’ve grown to rely on. The alarm clock is one app that we tend to put a lot of faith in before we doze off, and if that stops working, chances are, we aren’t getting to work either.

5. It’s common practice for food establishments to supply their customers with the option of salt and pepper, whether that be in tiny packets or shakers, but tiny packets inside of shakers? That’s a completely unnecessary inconvenience that is bound to make anyone who witnesses it involuntarily twitch. Why have shakers at all?

6. If you are the type of person who has gone out of their way to invest in a paperweight, the work you’re looking to anchor down is probably of some value, which only makes this sight all the more disheartening. Apparently, crystal paperweights can be a fire hazard with the right amount of sun.

Reddit /u/ WeeLittleLaddie

7. Hey Google, chances are if someone inquires how long a leap year is, they aren’t asking about the running time of a critically panned romantic comedy from 2010. It’s probably safe to assume that most, if not all, searches involving the phrase “leap year” are in no reference to this ghost from Amy Adam’s filmography past.

8. Seeing kids playing on electronic devices in public instead of interacting with the world around them is enough to make most people’s blood boil. However, this kid playing a bowling game while he’s in a bowling alley is truly infuriating. The only way this is okay is if he was learning more about technique before his next turn.

9. If you’re trying to sell someone on a service, you should probably not include a completely unnecessary step to get them to your service. Why would anyone Google a URL? They could have saved themselves some ad space with those two useless words and put, I don’t know, maybe a car?

10. If you are going to create writing learning material, you should really make sure that that writing is correct or else you’re just setting future academics up for failure. Screwing up right away in the first paragraph is bad enough, but that “supposed” in the third box down doesn’t suggest that it’s an isolated error.

11. The true joy of using a new pencil that has been expertly pre-sharpened is in knowing that you’ll never be able to get it to look like that again. No matter how skilled you consider yourself as a sharpener, this can end up being the result, and anyone who’s experienced it knows that lead will break off in the following minutes.

12. If you’ve found yourself on an unsubscribe page, you’re probably already quite frustrated considering you’ve reached a recurring email breaking point. Now, imagine that once you’ve gone out of your way to unsubscribe, you discover that the one button you need to click is unclickable. That is a level of deceit worth shaking the computer screen over.

13. If you’re a bread lover, you’ve definitely come across at least one of these worthless slices. It’s disheartening, sure, but at least you can find solace in knowing that the next slice will be sandwich protector material. However, sometimes that slice hole becomes a tunnel of misfortune in which case you better like eggs in a basket.

14. You don’t have to visit many public bathrooms to know that people are relentlessly disgusting, but this is a level of inconsiderate that actually takes effort. The person who actually has to use this station already has to clean an actual human being, they really shouldn’t have to clean someone else’s mess first.

15. You’d actually be less likely to go to a fast food restaurant and see these trays stacked correctly. Despite the fact that they are made to align perfectly, for some reason people seem to mound them like unruly Jenga players — almost as if they are doing it on purpose.

16. Transparent packaging? What could there possibly be to hide? Imagine thinking you’ve landed a safe bet on a whole falafel tortilla wrap to indulge in only to discover that you’ve been cheated a whole middle chunk. Wherever this is from, it’s safe to say they won’t be taking refunds now.

17. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and sometimes you don’t realize that about someone else until you share a living space with them. This man shared with Reddit his wife’s “unique” way of opening packaging, which is likely a major contributor to the failure of all her past relationships preceding him.

Reddit /u/ theDaninDanger

18. It’s already a frustrating thought to consider that someone probably got paid to proofread a children’s book. However, it’s even more frustrating that someone with a job that easy managed to miss this glaring mistake. These books don’t have a ton of content, they should be pretty easy to give a second review.

19. It may be called fast food, but it’s safe to assume that most patrons are really not in a rush, which means there’s absolutely no excuse to not bring your meal to one of the many garbage bins. Is it really that difficult? There’s nothing appetizing about having to see other people’s previously used napkins.

20. The whole point of sending someone something in the mail for Valentine’s Day is to put a smile on their face and let them know they are special. This chocolate strawberry concoction somehow ended up looking like the delivery route was through a minefield. Accidents happen, sure, but this looks almost intentionally disastrous.

21. If you like to dine out, you’ve probably come across the odd restaurant that has their own way of doing things. While unique presentation can be fun, it shouldn’t affect your actual eating experience. Whoever thought to put sauce on top of a burger bun was a good idea needs to really try eating a burger.

22. Everyone’s school experience has been plagued by at least one of these binders. Once those metal paper tongs disagree with each other, they never meet their intended grooves again. It’s a simple glitch that will haunt you throughout the rest of the year and will terrorize you with each paper that snags on it as a result.

23. Crosswords can be really frustrating, but challenging the mind is the point of them. However, when you’ve spent a good amount of time trying to figure out the answer only to discover that some squares can have two letters, that’s enough to send you over the edge. Even if the crossword told you that as a precursor, that’s just a prompt for insanity.

24. If you want your patrons to use your house sauce, you probably shouldn’t serve it in a shaker. Despite the fact that there’s nothing appetizing about seeing BBQ sauce ooze out of a bunch of tiny holes, it’s also wildly inconvenient to use. Sure, you could take off the lid, but they could also invest in some actual sauce dispensers.

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