10 Things Your Gyno Wants You To Stop Doing To Your Vagina


It’s recommended that everyone sees their doctor at least twice a year. Everyone dreads it because bad news is usually associated with the doctor. But having a yearly checkup is the best way to ensure that we are healthy, especially for women. A gynecologist is the best friend for a woman’s body because there are certain things your gyno wants you to stop.

When it comes to a woman’s body, the vagina is one, if not the most important body part. A newborn baby comes out of it, so women want to make sure that it is healthy and bacteria free.

Like any visit to the doctors, it can sometimes be embarrassing to ask certain questions. For women, asking personal questions about their body can be uncomfortable, but also necessary. With that said, below are things that your gyno wants you to stop doing to your vagina.

Stop Waiting For Intercourse to Get It Checked: Many women make the mistake of having sexual intercourse and then going to the gynecologist. Women need to know that the second they begin menstruating is when they need to go to the doctor. On average this starts between the ages of 13 to 15 according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. This will allow the gyno to have your medical history and be able to track your monthly periods.

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Seeing A Doctor That Makes You Uncomfortable: Every woman knows that they’re going to be touched in their most sensitive area when they see their gynecologist. So if you’re uncomfortable with your current one, don’t settle. Keep looking until you feel a positive and comfortable connection with him/her.


Don’t Hold Back On Any Questions: Things your gyno wants you to stop doing includes not asking any serious questions. They’re there to talk and examine your body and this includes answering tough questions. Chances are they’ve heard every question and they’re not there to judge you. They want to help you and make you feel comfortable with them and your body, so ask away!


Do Not Get A Wax Before Your Appointment: Some women are embarrassed when their private regions are not groomed, so they get it waxed before seeing the gynecologist. But your gyno does not care if you’re groomed or not. Also, if you get a fresh Brazilian wax, you will have swollen areas which can make it tough for the gyno to examine you. They won’t know if the red, swollen areas are an infection or caused by your recent wax.

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Stop Pretending UTI’s Are Not Serious: One of the top things your gyno wants you to stop doing is pretending like Urinary Tract Infections are not a big deal. A UTI is when you have a extremely infection in the urinary tract. It will be very painful to urinate if you suffer from a UTI.

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Do Not Use Scented Soaps and Lotions: I know it might be romantic and relaxing to use different scents and lotions when you’re taking a warm bath. But did you know that those same soaps and scents can cause Yeast Infections and Bacterial Vaginosis? Also, when you’re buying your pads and tampons, try and use unscented ones as well.


Avoid Using Flavored and Scented Lotions and Lubes: Not only does your gyno want you to stop using scented lotions, but they also want you to stop using flavored and scented lubes as well. The best way to stop this is to avoid using anything flavored or scented that could or will enter your vagina.


Stop Having Unprotected Intercourse: Things your gyno wants you to stop doing will include having unprotected sex if you’re not trying to have a baby. Safe sexual intercourse will protect you from having a child. It will also protect your private area from contracting a disease. Your gynecologist can also help you pick the right birth control that will help you keep things even safer as well.

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Stop Avoiding the Test: Whether the woman is sexually active or not, this is no excuse for not getting tested at least once a year. You can contract infections many different ways and if you are sexually active, you never know if your partner is being completely honest with you when they claim they are infection and disease free.


Skipping Annual Appointments: A woman is not required to get an annual Pap Smear, but they should go for one anyway. It allows the gynecologist to go over any changes that may have happened in that year.  It’s also important because there could be an infection that didn’t warrant any symptoms that you were unaware of.


As you can see, things your gyno wants you to stop doing includes a variety of different things. It’s important for a woman to take great pride in her body and its health. It will prevent you from worrying. It will also teach you different ways on how to take care of your body.


With that said, the easiest way to take care of your vagina is to always practice safe sex. It’s also good to find out certain chemicals that you may be allergic to because if you get an allergic reaction in your private area, it can cause severe pain. Also, the most important thing you can do is ALWAYS GO SEE YOUR GYNECOLOGIST. A healthy woman is a happy woman!


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