Dad Got Very Unusual Prescription For His 2-Year-Old, Now Other Parents Are Asking For It Too

Those scary monsters that hide in our closet or under our bed are something we’ve all had to deal with when we were younger. I mean, who knows, maybe they still haunt us as adults. But as kids, a lot of us remember being curled up in a ball, under the sheets. Well, one dad decided to take things into his own hands.

His daughter, Mya, has been terrified of the monsters in her room that wouldn’t let her sleep at night. But super dad came to the rescue. The dad from British Columbia, Canada, went off to get his little girl a prescription from the pharmacy.

This spray was created to get the horrible creatures gone from his daughter’s room FOREVER! Well, maybe not kill them but to make them sleepy enough that they wouldn’t bother his daughter Mya. When the first-ever prescription for “Monster Spray” was ready, he brought Mya to pick it up. So you are probably wondering what this spray was made of.

Well, the spray consisted of a magical combination of water and lavender. It also comes in an adorable green little bottle that’s perfect for a little girl to hold and spray on the monsters! The pharmacist was even great with playing along, printing out a label for Mya to make it look legitimate. It looks very real and most importantly, very effective.

As soon as Mya got ahold of this bottle, it worked like a charm. Her dad told news outlet that this magical spray has “effectively eliminated the monsters in Mya’s room, helping her rest easy each evening”. He also added that if a monster does come too close, “She’ll get her bottle of monster spray and (go) ‘Choo, choo, choo!’ Then she goes, “Don’t worry, Daddy. The monster is gone.” How adorable is that? This is pure genius.

This idea has blown all parents away, and many started trying out the same thing. Some even wrote down how many monsters a spray is capable of scaring off from the closet or under the bed. One pharmacist prescribed it killing up to 120 monsters all at once! It’s great to see adults getting creative and participating in their kid’s imaginations.

Mya’s dad also noted that “We’ve had 20 or 30 refills by now”. But if you don’t have time to go to the pharmacist to do all this, don’t feel bad. You can make a homemade and give it to your kid. This trend is getting more and more popular with kids. For more on the story about this father and daughter, check out the video down below!

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