24 Weird ‘Waaaait A Minute’ Pics

It all lacks inspiration, you think, closing your laptop.

You sigh and rub the bridge of your nose. This project you’re working on just isn’t working at all! It’s not weird, none of it makes you say wait a minute, frankly, it’s trash! If only you had something that could alter your mind, potentially expand it so that you can get some artificial inspiration! Unfortunately for you, nothing like that exists.

Fortunately for you, Bestie has the next best thing! Quickly, you open up your phone to the 24 Weird ‘Waaaait A Minute’ Pics. Hopefully, this will work!

1. Something’s fishy… Ew, gross! What could possibly be… Oh, I see. I totally agree with the guy on the right, I was scared for a second there. I figured yeesh, we just got over EBOLA and now we have to dance with the orange lipped virus in the pale moonlight? But no, just your typical fashion trend. Nothing to see here, folks.

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2. Grapes of Wrath. Wait a minute… That’s not a single grape! I feel that the ending to this natural abomination won’t involve an old man suckling milk from a young woman’s breast, however, I can predict it may be even weirder.

3. Everyone’s worst nightmare. Two scientists sit at a monitor, watching you read this article. “I don’t understand,” says one to the other. The second turns to the first and says: “he didn’t actually pee his pants, it’s just a reflection of the chairs in the room.” The first scientist shakes his head. “No” he starts “I mean the article. Isn’t it supposed to be about the reader’s wacky adventures?”. The second scientist shrugs, bored. “Ever since we had the latest glitch we’ve had to return to format somewhat. To get the subject re-acclimated”. The first scientist gives a non-verbal “ah” and returns to watching.

4. Everybody wants to be a cat, even grass! “What? Scientists?” you think as you read the article “what’s going on? One second there’s (kind of) witty blurbs about the entry, next they’re talking about scientists? That’s as weird as that patch of grass I saw that looked like a big cat! The thought of the big cat makes you chuckle. Thank goodness for this article, it’s so great at giving you the smiles you need to get through your day!

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5. Care for a fish with your beer, sir? “Wait, huh?” the first scientist says, turning to his partner “It’s a kid’s toy, it probably shouldn’t have beer on it. Then again, if you’re playing with one of your parents” the first scientist looks at his partner with a cocked eyebrow. “They don’t know we’re watching them, right?” he says, pointing to the monitor. The second scientist shakes his head no.

6. Stomach acid flavor, anyone? As you turn your head around wildly looking for the camera with which the scientists are watching you, the first stands and points at the monitor. “See?” says the first “they totally know! They’re not putting what we say in the ARTICLE, are they?” the second scientist says a little more warily than before. “Just shut up and do your job, Frank.  Just watch me.” The scientist clears his throat: “hey, these bamboozled flavors are getting out of hand!”. Frank smiles and gestures to his partner. “Now you try, Dave!”.

7. Alone in the world was a little VanTruck. “Man and they said Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover of all time!” exclaims Dave, the first scientist. “Hey, this is fun!” Frank nods at him but then puts a finger up to his mouth. Dave nods and stares back at the monitor.

8. BraceHand! You stare at the article, still confused. There was no sign of any camera… maybe the writer is just messing with you? You shrug it off, knowing the article would never lie to you. Instead, you think to yourself: “I bet he’s bracing himself for the future!”. I mean, it’ll work.

9. The Ultimate Selfie. This ambitious genius takes “wait a minute” to a whole new level. I wonder what the picture looked like. Perhaps the inner workings of a camera? Perhaps it unlocks the secrets of the universe? Perha—

10. No falls for you! “Darn it!” yells Frank, his coffee spilling all over the keyboard “now how are we going to write the entries?”. Dave, panicking, randomly yells: “This is worse than that father who covered his father’s face at Niagara falls! OH! Um… wait a minute!” he looks to Frank for approval, but he just shrugs his shoulders.

11. Alone in the world was a little CarDog. “Quick!” yells Frank “just reuse an old title! It’s close enough!” “What about the blurb?” yells Dave back. “Just type!” yells Frank. Dave types wildly at the keyboard to no avail. “It’s not working, it only lets me do the title!”. The two just stare at each other, not knowing what to do. “Let’s go to the next entry, then we’ll go back and read what it says under number 11” says Frank and his partner nods in nervous agreement.

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12. M. C. Escher, eat your heart out. The two partners stare blankly at the horror they just witnessed. Everything they’ve been saying has been broadcasted to you. You know you’re being watched. You know it’s by two scientists. You know their names, too— Frank and Dave. Frank swallows hard: “This is bad. This is really bad. The boss-” Dave slams his hands into Frank’s mouth. He frantically shakes his head at the mention of the name “the boss”. His eyes dart around, then he laughs nervously. “Ha ha, don’t be silly! It’s all just weirdness, all just to make you say wait a minute, probably just some meta humor, nothing suspicious here…”

13. Just came home from the dog store. “Wait a minute” you say out loud to no one in particular. “That’s not groceries! That’s a dog!” you laugh hysterically at the funny picture.  Yes, keep laughing. It’s funny, don’t be shy! That’s right. There are no scientists.  Keep laughing. There is no one watching you. Laugh harder! No one called “the boss”. Okay, enough. Next entry, please.

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14. In Soviet Russia… In the third installment of the “John Wick” series, John is transformed into a small, eastern European woman and must find the people who did it to him. See action, see drama, see explosions this summer in… John Wick 3: This time, it’s personal.

15. First you lick it, then you twist it, then you put it in your ear. “Thank god we got the keyboard fixed, huh?” asks Dave with a sigh. “Yeah” says Frank “imagine the boss read this article? We’d be goners!”. Dave and Frank share a laugh. “Yeah, like if my kid ever put Oreos in their ears, they’d be goners too!” says Dave. Frank laughs then stops himself: “Wait a minute, what?”.

16. A bottle of red, a bottle of white. “Why is it doing that again?” says Dave, typing away like a madman. “Should we just stop talking?” asks Frank. “I don’t know, quick! Throw in the weirdest possible thing!” yells Dave, scared and desperate. “Dog drinking wine?” asks Frank. “WHO CARES!” yells Frank in response.

17. Class incarnate. Frank and Dave sit in silence, not typing, not speaking, not moving, just watching you. You’re of course confused yet delighted, as weird and lame as these scientists are, at least Bestie is still PROVIDING you with amazing content! As amazing as seeing a woman eat pizza with a fork and knife. Wait a minute… THAT’S NOT HOW YOU EAT PIZZA!

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18. Alone in the world was a little DogChicken. Dave runs his hands through his hair. “I don’t know what to do. I think…” suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. Dave and Frank look at each other, terrified. Eventually, Frank chokes out: “Yes?”. The response is immediate: “The boss wants to see you, now. Throw up image 0-1-8, put in title X-6523, run finish_article.exe and come with me immediately.” Frank and Dave take one last look at each other, do as the voice at the other side of the door says, then exit the room.

19. Finish_Article.exe running… Oh my god! I can’t wait until they have laptops of their very own! public class ListNode. // instance variables. // int joke title. // int hilarious blurb, (add) =Termin.joke.Oh no! The machines are taking over! Help us John Connor, (add) =SW.ref you’re my only hope!

20. Scan =Img20 int. joke.title These boots are made for walking! (add) Nan.Sin.lyrics.xml You keep saying you got something you call love but confess. You’ve been a’messin’ where you shouldn’t’ve been a’messin’. And now someone else is getting all your best. These boots are made for walking. And that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

21. Shrek is love, shrek is life. “There we go!” you exclaim, out loud. “That was a real mess for a while, but this entry finally makes some sense!”. You were wondering when a meme would get so popular it started its own religion and there you go! What a time to be alive.

22. Those boots were NOT made for walking! Yeesh, styles these days! Knowing the fashion industry, I can bet that these abominations created by some mad mind probably cost $5000. Ah fashion, you’re so practical!

23. Charles Darwin, eat your heart out! In the next installment of Sharknado, shark-man hybrids take to the streets and try to take over the world. Will Sharks and people finally work together to defeat this menace from the sea? Check out Sharknado 17, coming this July.

24. It’s electrifying! You scoff at this last photo, wonder why anyone would put an outlet there and then take a sigh of relief. You put your phone away and open up your laptop again. You’ve found inspiration, thanks to this article! No, thanks to PROVIDR. No need to look at the last entry, no big twists at the end or anything, just go back to your work! Wouldn’t want to LOSE that inspiration, now would we?

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