Family Sends The Most Awkward Christmas Cards For 15 Years, And It’s Too Funny

It’s nice when your friends send you a family Christmas card. The matching sweaters are usually cute, but couldn’t they jazz up their Christmas card photo just a little bit? The Bergeron family certainly thought they could do better. For 15 years they’ve been sending the most hilarious Christmas cards to friends and family.

Since 2003, the Bergeron family has been creating inventive and hilarious Christmas cards featuring a different theme each year. As the years went on, Mike Bergeron and his wife, Laura, added new family members, their daughters, to the photos. The themes got much sillier, and the photos got even funnier.

From goth to white trash, drag to cholo, each funny Christmas photo brings a new level of hilarity to the holiday. Even with their 2017 photo already released, we can’t wait to see what this funny family thinks of for Christmas 2018. Here you’ll find each Bergeron family Christmas card, in all its yuletide glory.

2003: The collection of hilarious Christmas cards begins with the Bergeron couple in full midlife crisis mode. Check out those hair plugs! Who said that 40 was over the hill?

2004: It’s a white trash Christmas! This funny Christmas photo hits all the marks: mullets, cigarettes, and a “who farted?” shirt (with the sleeves cut off, of course).

2005: The inspiration for hilarious Christmas cards can come from anywhere. This Midwestern Aunt and Uncle look is hysterical and probably close to some real family Christmas photos people have received!

2006: Isn’t that special! This particular funny Christmas photo was inspired by a real family photo taken by Mike’s photographer friend. According to Mike, the Bergeron version is not nearly as awkward.

2007: The Bergerons decided to be artistic this year and used “American Gothic” as their inspiration for this Christmas card photo. And just look at those lovely smiles!

2008: The Bergerons always take the photos for their hilarious Christmas cards at JC Penney. The couple walked around the mall like this for an hour. They should have gone to the airport!

2009: The Bergerons really went all out with their cholo look in this funny Christmas photo. They also dubbed themselves ‘Spider y Lupita.” The authenticity is almost too much.

2010: This cheesy photo perfectly captures the magic of unintentionally hilarious Christmas cards. This was the first photo with the Bergerons’ oldest daughter, whose face is precious and hilarious.

2011: Sometimes the simplest ideas are the funniest ones. The Bergerons sported matching unibrows for this family Christmas card. Even their daughter sports a little one. Adorable!

2012: Whip out those Siouxsie and the Banshees albums, because it’s a goth Christmas with the Bergerons! Mike almost looks like Robert Smith in this Christmas card photo.

2013: This Christmas card photo has so much energy! The 1980’s glam look is pulled off perfectly by the entire family. Look at all those smiles! (well, except for their youngest).

2014: Of all the Bergerons’ hilarious Christmas cards, this is by far the most creative. Who knew that Laura would make such a handsome gentleman? Or Mike such a lovely lady?

hilarious christmas cardsimgur/berjon1

2015: This Eurotrash Christmas card photo is pitch-perfect. The entire family hits the perfect note of excess. Mike also looks a bit like Pitbull, which is hilarious.

2016: Merry Christmas, y’all! For this funny Christmas photo, the Bergerons went full hillbilly. Their oldest daughter with her finger in her nose is what makes this picture especially great.

2017: The latest entry in the collection of hilarious Christmas cards from the Bergerons is a play on Christmas cards sent from tropical vacations. Just remember, sometimes those people get burnt.

BONUS: This family Christmas photo got left on the cutting room floor. It’s really a shame because the Bergerons are lumberjacks (and they’re okay). Also, those pancakes look delicious.

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