25 People Who Have The Universe On Their Side

Ever won the lottery? No? Found a four leaf clover? No again? What about gotten struck by lightning, only to discover the sudden surge of electricity gave you superpowers and now must decide whether to use them for good or evil? No??? Darn, I was certain I’d get you with that last one. Anyways, you clearly are not as lucky as these people or at least the universe doesn’t like you as much as them. These are the 25 People Who Have The Universe On Their Side.

1. I wonder where that fish did go… This incident was the result of a man’s cat knocking over his daughter’s fish bowl. Now only one question remains: who’s luckier, the man or the fish? Seeing as one avoided an awkward talk with his daughter and the other avoided death I think it may be the latter… then again, it’ll probably forget it’s luck as soon as the dad puts it back. That’s another issue with this little spill — what does he do next?

2. No, but it is a coinkydink. I hear that during comas, the brain will desperately try to get it’s host to WAKE UP by putting subliminal messages in their coma dream. I wonder if the poster’s brain is trying to WAKE them UP to some fact, perhaps he forgot to go to a WAKE or the fact they liked the movie UP.

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