Kaley Cuoco Gets Engaged to Karl Cook

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco recently made headlines when she left her long-term boyfriend hanging when he popped her the big question. Kaley’s boyfriend, Karl Cook has been a bit of a mystery for several months. Cook is a professional horse rider and equestrian, Kaley, being an avid fan of horse riding, no doubt met the man through her hobby.

Karl and Kaley have been seeing each other for around a year ever since Cuoco’s divorce to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Cuoco’s relationship with Ryan Sweeting was met with some controversy in the feminist community after Cuoco claimed that her love of cooking and cleaning for her husband had nothing to do with her being a feminist. She has since retracted her statements and after her divorce, she pursued a new life.

On Thursday, November 30th, Kaley’s new boyfriend, Karl Cook, who has joked about being engaged to the actress in the past, finally decided to pop the question. Kaley’s response, however, took a little while as she proceeded to cry genuine tears of joy for an absolutely comical amount of time.

You can hear family members and loved ones in the background making a commentary on the moment, as Kaley Cuoco gasps for air with ridiculous gusto. No doubt this moment has made her the happiest she has been in a long time.

Kaley’s response to her boyfriend Karl Cook was to burst out into tears of utter joy. You can hear the happiness in her voice as she struggles to find the words for her response to the equestrian hottie.

What’s life like for the two after the engagement? Kaley took to posting a hilarious series of photos and videos to Karl Cook’s Instagram account (@mrtankcook). One post, in particular, shows Cuoco plugging nose hairs from her boyfriend’s nostrils. How romantic!

The engagement ring Cook used to propose to Kaley is a beautiful tear-shaped diamond with a simple diamond-encrusted band. A romantic gesture to the Big Bang Theory star. The two will no doubt continue to post engaging and instantly viral content as their relationship seems to be one of genuine happiness and humour.

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