These Viral And Heartwarming Comics Break Down Complex Parenting Issues With Ease

 Heartwarming Comics Break Down Complex Parenting Issues With Ease

A comic illustrator from Toronto, Ontario, Canada named Christopher Grady has managed to capture a great deal of heartwarming and complex issues with his art. What started out as a way for Chris Grady to channel depressive feelings he was having turned out to be a viral sensation as his illustrations quickly gained popularity.

Now, Chris Grady is a father and channels the experiences he has with his own children into his artwork. His talent to create heartwarming, hilarious, and insightful comics that demonstrate the power of parenting truly is remarkable.

The following 8 comics showcase Chris Grady’s talents, and prove that his skills as a father are just as great as his skills as an artist!

In this first comic, Chris Grady makes a very poignant and powerful message about how important a parental or guardian figure is in every child’s life.

This second comic is a great way of showing off how Chris Grady is trying to instill respectful, moral, and feminist values into his children. It’s great to see fathers teaching their children the power of respect.

Another great win for Chris Grady is his outpouring of love and respect for the LGBTQ communities, by letting his children know that he loves them no matter what their sexual orientation might turn out to be.

This is a great way Chris Grady has used to show the inspiring power of great female role models as he takes his daughter to the doctor.

In this comic, Chris Grady shows off that his spouse has equally funny humour when tasked with comparing the male body to the female body by his children. It’s hilarious to see how teaching children the power of the human body can be done with humour.

Another controversial topic when it comes to children is sheltering them from the world around them, in particular, from anyone who is different. Chris Grady does an excellent job of instilling tolerance in his children for other people’s lifestyle choices.

This really funny comic is about helping change a positive mindset in children. It isn’t the ice that helps, it’s the positive shift in thought.

Here Chris Grady tackles the issue of lying to your children, which seems perfectly fine in retrospect, but we have to wonder if it’s more so for their sake or for ours. Chris Grady’s comics are fantastic.

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