This Woman Met Her Husband Online, And Now She Hopes Her Horror Story Will Serve As A Lesson To Others


Online dating has become a staple to society. It enables strangers to find and introduce themselves to new connections over the internet. It’s beneficial especially for those who lack social skills or don’t have time to meet someone. In many cases, online dating is successful and people find the love of their life. Unfortunately, there are also cases where it doesn’t end happily ever after. A recent story surfaced of a woman who met her husband online, and it didn’t end well.

Online dating can be tricky because it allows people to sometimes portray themselves as someone they’re not. It’s much easier to lie to someone over the internet than in person. This makes it even easier to manipulate someone as well. This can cause people to make rash decisions which can have lasting consequences.

In relationships, you think you know someone until they start to change. This is exactly what happened when a woman met her husband online. Continue reading to hear the full story.

The story begins with Suzanne Hill, who is a mother of three. She met her husband David Jennison on the online dating website Plenty of Fish. They had instant chemistry and married each other immediately. Jennison moved into Hill’s home and she described him as very kind, caring and attentive.

woman meets her husband online

Unfortunately, Hill did not know Jennison as good as she thought. He would begin to show her a darker and violent side of him. Their marriage began to turn sour very fast. Jennison was hiding a history of violence and domestic abuse. In June of last year, he snapped on Hill after she wanted to watch Britain’s Got Talent.

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Before I continue, I want to warn you that the photos and incidents that I will share are graphic. Jennison started to headbutt Hill and proceeded to choke her as well. As if that wasn’t enough, Jennison unleashed a fury of punches that knocked Hill unconscious. He wrapped her up in a sleeping bag and left her there for her son to find.

woman meets her husband online

Her son found her in a pool of her own blood. She spent the next five days in the hospital recovering from the attack. It was so brutal that she wasn’t even able to open her eyes. Hill spoke to the Manchester Even News after the court hearing gave Jennison an extended jail sentence. She told them that she was watching the show Britain’s Got Talent and Jennison entered the room and said he wasn’t going to watch it. Hill mentions that she politely asked Jennison “What’s the problem?”

woman meets her husband online

According to Hill, Jennison left the room, walked the dog, and at 9 pm went upstairs while he muttered something to her. Hill didn’t think anything of it, so when they went to bed she found it a bit funny that they had their backs to each other. Moments later he turned to her and put his fists on her face. Hill proceeded to pack a bag for her husband and threw it down the stairs. Unfortunately, this only made him angrier.


So Hill climbed back into bed and Jennison proceeded to pull the bed cover back. Hill thought he was just going to give her a hug and say sorry, but he ended up giving her a headbutt. As quickly as he did that, he proceeded to strangle her over and over again. Unfortunately, the assault did not end there. Hill told reporters that Jennison’s face was gone. He didn’t shout or argue, he just told her that he was going to kill her and himself. Fearing for her life, Hill tried to run downstairs and out the door. But as soon as she reached the handle, Jennison punched her in the face.


The physical assault continued until Hill was unconscious. Hill remembers that the next voice she heard was her son’s. She was unconscious for half an hour. The reason why her son found her was that Jennison called him and told him that his mom grabbed some pills and a knife, so he had to tie her up for safety. The proper authorities were alerted the moment Hill was taken to the hospital. Two days after the incident Jennison was arrested.

Manchester Evening News

Hill believes that these online dating websites, especially those who use them, have the responsibility to do background checks on the members. In the United Kingdom, people can make use of Clare’s Law, which is a piece of legislation that people can use to request a background check on their potential partners.


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