12 Husbands Anybody Would be Lucky Enough To Marry

Every couple is different. Some people have a traditional way of showing their love, while others have a more humorous way of showing it. It really depends on the person. There are so many different ways to show your love to your significant other.

Those who take it to a whole new level makes for some entertaining partners, to say the least. You are probably wondering what I mean by that. Well, some partners enjoy playing jokes on their loved one, making it a ‘never a dull moment’ kind of relationship.

If you still aren’t sure what type of relationship I’m talking about, check out these husbands below. Their sense of humor is pretty hilarious and one thing’s for sure: they absolutely love their wives. This love can definitely make anyone laugh, I’m sure their wives are entertained on a regular basis. Check it out.

1. “I asked my husband to take our cat to get groomed. I wish I had gone along too” (@Incredule). This Reddit user’s husband clearly always wanted a pet dinosaur. Or just wanted to make the family cat look just a little bit tougher. In any case, this is pretty hilarious.

2. “It’s difficult to hide my emotions because I’m about to be a dad for the first time. I hope my wife likes that I captured her expression too” (@gilsolano12). Not sure if it’s the wife’s face that makes it hilarious or the fact that the husband’s big smile takes the cake.

3. “I turned our nanny cam’s motion detector on and set it up to email my wife while she was at work one night. Then I dressed up in an old Halloween costume and went in for the kill. My wife is still furious, but I think it was hilarious” (@unknown). I’m sure his wife got a good laugh after she realized it was her hubby being a prankster.

4. Every once in a while, every partner loves to be spoiled by their loved ones. Well, this wife definitely got her wish…sorta. “I asked for a Coach bag from my husband for my birthday. I don’t know whether to laugh or get mad” (@ironyintended2). I mean, it is a nice bag, just not the one she expected.

5. This husband was pretty ballsy to use this dedication for his book. I mean, if someone doesn’t have a sense of humor they’d think this is offensive. Luckily, most of us do have humor and I’m sure his wife and kids do as well. Which makes this post hilarious.

6. “I asked my husband to do some editing on the engagement photos. Apparently, he associates war with getting married?” (@thexyzaffair). Hopefully, his wife was able to laugh this one off and hopefully, they got other copies of a more “wedding” appropriate photo. Regardless, this one should make it to the memory album.

7. “I got maternity shoot done on myself because my wife was too shy for it” (@DruishPrincess69). This husband not only made a hilarious photoshoot, but he also gave his wife the positive message to embrace how she looks, regardless what weight she is at. Especially when she’s pregnant.

8. “My wife wanted me to include our newborn daughter’s picture on my social profile. I thought my daughter might like this when she grows up. Wife is still furious” (@daitenshe). I know if I was this guy’s daughter, and I grew up seeing this photo of myself. I would hope that I got the exact same humor as my father. This is pretty creative, and hilarious. Hopefully, mom got over it.

9. This husband tried to make his wife feel better when turning 40. He basically got her a book that’s all about sex after 40. As she opens it, the book appears to be blank. What’s even funnier about this photo is the husband obnoxiously laughing in the background. Well done sir, well done.

10. Not sure if I would be laughing if I came home after a long, hard day at work. But because we are not in this situation, this husband is clearly a witty kinda guy. I mean technically he is following what his wife asked of him and put some spaghetti on the stove. Looks delicious, don’t you think?

11. Romancing your wife, swaying off her feet, or just simply cuddling her in bed is just so old school. This husband decided to make things a little more entertaining. He decided to send a little more of a subtle hint to his wife by making “fun” puppets on the wall from the shadows. I mean, I’m sure the humor worked on her.

12. “I asked my husband to spend some time with our dog. How can someone actually be so mean to a poor little dog?” (@singersongwriter). This guy is hilarious with his dog. If you read the Scrabble board closely, the words he made up were pretty witty. I’m sure his dog enjoyed it as well.


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