24 Crazy Pics Showing The Unseen Side Of The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is more than just a game of football. It’s an opportunity for many to host parties, engage in betting and enjoy the most talked about event in sports entertainment.

But with all the excitement, there are many things that are happening behind the scenes that we are unaware of.

Let’s take a look at some pictures that give us a better understanding of the unseen side of the Super Bowl.

When Super Bowl Sunday rolls around, there is no place that is busier than a pizza joint. The worst part is folding all the pizza boxes, but when the game inches closer, you’ll be grateful that you did it. (bfroyo)

The pizza boxes are not the only thing that gets prepared ahead of time during Super Bowl Sunday. The amount of mozzarella that is prepared is also astonishing. The following picture is of 240 pounds of mozzarella cheese. (meandean69er)

If you are a football fan and never miss a Super Bowl, you might not want to work at the following place. (mylifewithya)

Certain retail stores use the Super Bowl as a time to cash in on certain merchandise. The only trouble is that there is a ton of pressure to get the merchandise on the floor at a certain time. For example; if you ordered merchandise for the team that lost the Super Bowl, you’re looking at a hefty loss as well. (infinant)

If you’re not a fan of the Super Bowl but are a big fan of going to the gym, you can expect no lines for machines and no smell of sweat. (dollinsdv)


This one individual was working at the Super Bowl and said that “The Skittles girls gave me this limited addition bag. She said they made only 20.” (thatproductionguy)

How players played and acted in the early days of the Super Bowl is completely different than today. The following picture is from Super Bowl I, and is of Len Dawson who was the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. As you can see he is smoking a cigarette, but what you don’t know is that it’s during half time. (andrew6622)

One of the reasons people watch the Super Bowl is for the half time show. These days we might think that they’re creative, but take a look at this half time show featuring the late Michael Jackson.

With a large amount of people too focused on watching the game, they’re not paying attention on how tight security can be. This one image is a view of one of the sniper’s nests at the stadium for the Super Bowl. (timehack)


One of the unseen sides of the Super Bowl is the control room. You have no idea how many cameras they have and how quickly they need to change each shot.

If you didn’t like the view of the first sniper’s nest; here is another view of it. Chances are spectators will not be able to see this vantage point. (Gonzoveritas)

For some; watching the Super Bowl is just a way to pass the time on a Sunday. Unfortunately for many, the Super Bowl is nerve-wracking and can cause us to overreact and yell. Below you will find a list of notes a daughter made about her dad during the Super Bowl. (BraveReddit)

If you’re one of the lucky people to win tickets or find cheaper tickets to the Super Bowl, I would recommend you take the bus or walk to the game. If you thought tickets were expensive; parking is worse. Also, they only take cash, so be prepared to give up hundreds of dollars if you’re deciding to drive to the game. (frailddrummer)

This may not be a surprise to those who attend sports events on a regular. The price for drinks, which includes alcohol, is equivalent to giving up an arm or a leg. The prices are outrageous, but the vendors know everyone will pay for it. The following pic is from Super Bowl 50. (Go_Habs_Go31)

Super Bowl tickets, on average, cost thousands of dollars. But would you believe it if I told you that it wasn’t always a popular or even expensive event to attend to? The following photo is a ticket from Super Bowl 4. (cjbluegreenpurple)

If you’re flying to the Super Bowl, be prepared to eat the same generic food as the rest of the passengers. Unless you’re playing on one of the two teams in the Super Bowl. It’s no surprise that they eat much better than the rest of us do. (tikkamasalachicken)

The Super Bowl is the most globally watched sports event of the year. Unless you are selling items or merchandise that is relevant to the Super Bowl, chances are your business will be empty. This one photo was taken at an Albertsons on Super Bowl Sunday that was going out of business. (azshawn00)

There are constant flyovers during the Super Bowl. You might think they are random, but they are rehearsed constantly just like everything else that happens on game day. (BosoxH60)

Injuries are happen in every sport. But if you were to ask any football player if they would consider sitting out the biggest game of their career, chances are most of them would say no. Thomas Davis is a prime example of this when they stitched him up for Super Bowl 50. (@td58)

For certain cities, the Super Bowl is a dream come true. Take the most recent winners, the Philadelphia Eagles for example. When they won, the city partied and began trashing the streets and even burning certain things. You know there is such a thing as a bad loser, but there are also bad winners.

It’s one thing to host a Super Bowl party and enjoy it, but it’s a completely different story when you have to clean up the mess once every one leaves.

Once the Super Bowl is over, you see a rain of confetti come down onto the field. Reporters rush the field along with close family and friends and the party begins. But once that field is empty, I wouldn’t want to be part of that cleanup crew that is responsible for making the field spotless again.

The Super Bowl is a time for betting. Some people do prop bets, which are a series of questions that you have to make predictions on based on the game. Other people choose which team they think will win. Every year my friends and I have a “playoff pick ’em pool.” In this pool, we each choose two teams who we think will make it to the Super Bowl. If you are lucky enough to make it to the finals and win, you win money. If you lose, you have to wear a Tim Tebow jersey as punishment for an entire year.

It’s one thing to plan a Super Bowl party, but it’s another to get home safe from the party. Unfortunately, some people are still extremely excited after the game is over, so they they attempt to drive home. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s also illegal and police enforcement is aware of this.

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