Here’s Why Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Broke Up

If you haven’t yet heard the sad report, it appears that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have broken up. The couple had many fans and people fawned over their cuteness. Pictures of them on their adorable dates are all over the internet. The pair broke up after 10 months of dating and no one saw this breakup coming.

Here's Why Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Broke UpInstagram/selenagomez

They were just on a sweet Halloween date in mid-October and they have PDA pictures everywhere, which indicated that all was well and happy with the couple. But according to a report by TMZ, they weren’t doing so well. According to the report, The Weeknd broke up with Gomez over the phone because he felt that the relationship had “lost its passion.”

According to the source that informed TMZ, Gomez and The Weeknd’s relationship has been fizzling out since the summer. They were both busy working and hardly had the time to spend together. Gomez has been in New York City working on a movie, while The Weeknd was on tour. They also stopped talking on the phone as often as they used to.

The report continues that The  Weeknd claims that he felt tied down in a relationship that lost its spark. If this is true, then it’s understandable that the couple felt that breaking up might be in both of their best interest. However, from the looks of it, they didn’t make this decision mutually. The Weeknd, instead, took it upon himself to cut ties.

There are plenty of rumours circulating that claim the reason for the break-up was primarily that Gomez had been spotted hanging out with Justin Bieber. As it turns out, Bieber wasn’t at all a factor in The Weeknd’s decision to end his relationship.

In fact. Based on the timeline that is currently available, it seems that The Weeknd broke up with Gomez before she began hanging with Bieber. So it looks like the whole ordeal is a lot less drama-ridden than people imagine it to be.

Either way, neither Gomez nor The Weeknd have commented on the split, so if or until one of them decides to publicly speak out about it, then it’s all just speculation. That, of course, hasn’t stopped the internet from thinking up some pretty elaborate stories!

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