Barber Tells This ‘Shy’ Insurance Man To Grow A Beard, And It Ends Up Transforming His Life

Gwilym Pugh

A red-haired man from Rugby, England lived a fairly ordinary, albeit unfulfilled life until one day he got some unexpected advice from his barber.

33-year-old Gwilym Pugh used to sell insurance out of his home when he was 22-years-old. He was struggling with his body image, his health was plagued with injuries, and according to Pugh he was unhappy and couldn’t even leave the house. That’s when Pugh’s barber suggested the young man grow a beard, which was the spark he needed to transform his life. Pugh got to work and transformed into an active, healthy lifestyle which also transformed his career.

Now, Gwilym Pugh is a social media influencer and professional model. He got his big break when he was asked to become the face of Nathan Palmer Clothing according to Wikipedia. Soon after this experience, Pugh was sought after by many different photographers for their portfolios. It would be his ginger beard that got him noticed though, after appearing on the back cover of 100 Beards by Jonathan Daniel Pryce.

Gwilym Pugh’s Instagram account (@gwilymcpugh) is filled with photos of the man’s transformation. The phrase #inspireHappiness appears at the top of his profile, showing us all that he remains humble about his origin and hopes to inspire others to transform their own lives.

This is Gwilym Pugh before he decided to transform his life and become a model. It’s hard to believe that this is the same man that he once was. It seems true that a beard really can change a person.

This before and after picture on Pugh’s Instagram really shows off the transformation. Pugh himself says on his page, It’s amazing what a difference 10 years can make! I really want to hammer that home… 10 years… What I’ve done has nothing on countless people out there who have changed their lives for the better.”

This Fashionista looks way more rugged with the inclusion of a beard, which truly brings out the masculine nature of his inner beast. This photoshoot shows us how, with some lifestyle changes and effort, we can transform our lives to be the person we’ve always wanted to be.

Another before and after photo shows Gwilym Pugh’s transformation into the model he is today. We can’t argue that he looks very handsome and preppy in the left photo, but there’s a certain ruggedness to the photo on the right that really shows off his manliness.

Here, we can see a professional photo of Gwilym Pugh at a modeling shoot showing off his beautiful red hair. Pugh has since modeled with fashion companies such as Diesel, Esprit, Canada Goose, and Peek & Cloppenburg. He’s also been involved in campaigns for BMW, Motorrad, and LG Mobile, according to Wikipedia.

Pugh attributes his lifestyle changes and success to a daily routine of Osteo Therapy to improve his mobility and HIIT classes (High Intensity Interval Training). It’s clear that all his hard work has paid off.

The man who was once an insurance salesman now has completely transformed his lifestyle to be something completely different. Or, what one might argue, to be the person he always wanted to be.  

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