Daniel Radcliffe Wore Bear-Feet With Guns During Movie Shoot And People Can’t Stop Having Fun With It

Ah, Harry Potter, the books that gave us a childhood hero and a world that is so magical you could cry. Over a decade later, the Potterverse is still very much alive and kicking thanks to the endless amounts of material created by the fandom. Unfortunately for Daniel Radcliffe, it also means many people will never see him as anything but Harry.

The good news for us, however, is that there are endless possibilities for hilarious memes as Radcliffe continues his acting career. His latest film is an action-comedy called Guns Akimbo, which centers on Radcliffe’s character using his newly acquired gladiator skills to save his girlfriend from kidnappers.

The film, which is directed by James Lei Howden who is known for his visual effects on War for the Planet of the Apes, recently started shooting and someone got some hilarious shots of our wizard friend. Dressed in only a robe and very big tiger slippers, the gun-wielding boy wizard looks like he might have gone over the edge after all this time.

The puns are out of control, a play on the book titles is a common and hilarious thread. Leave it to Potterheads to keep the memes alive even after all these years.

Sometimes wands just aren’t enough, especially if you are accident-prone like Ron Weasley. Besides who needs wands when you’re strapped right?

It seems as though Harry Potter has been taking some offensive lessons from Tony Montoya. Hopefully, it works out a little better for Harry than it did for Tony, although judging by this photo, probably not.

Another beautiful remix of a Harry Potter book title, sometimes the pun is just dangling in front of you. Harry probably would have had an easier time with the Basilisk if he showed up like this.

We all feared that the ending to the Harry Potter story would be that it really was all in Harry’s head. To be fair, this seems like a reasonable reaction for someone who just came out of an experience like that had it been true.

Again, this seems like an appropriate reaction to finding out you could have stopped the deaths of your godfather, a sweet house-elf, your auror friend, your owl, your best friend’s brother, your father’s other best friend, his wife, and about 20 more people had you just used guns.

It seems like Harry took this lesson to heart. You can’t do a spell if you pronounce it wrong and now Potter is just trying to share that wisdom with the rest of the world, whether they care or not.

In an alternate reality, Harry never receives his Hogwarts letter, instead, he becomes England’s biggest rap star. Going by the name of Harry Shottas, his newest album is a gritty truth about the boy who lived.



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