16 People Who Clearly Don’t Care Anymore

16 People Who Clearly Don’t Care AnymoreHappy Stock Photo / Shutterstock.com

It’s hard not to care what other people think about you, but every now and then, we all reach a breaking point. It can be exhausting trying to please the world and meet societal expectations, which is why sometimes you’ve just got to take a vacation from caring.

Letting your blasé flag fly freely may garner some unsolicited stares, but once you’ve committed to a state of nonchalance, that concern is no longer a mutual one.

While we might not all stoop to these levels of carelessness, we can all appreciate the middle fingers these people are all dispassionately raising to the world. Here are 16 people who really just do not care anymore.

1. Just because you’re on vacation with your family, doesn’t mean that you all have the same definition of what a vacation is. This kid is going to lounge regardless of his location, and these parents aren’t going to let their kid interrupt their sightseeing.

2. This woman doesn’t have anywhere to be fast and doesn’t care if anyone else does. Flying is often plagued by delays, but not usually in the human form.

3. This man’s son may not fare well in a Hunger Games competition, but he seems proud nonetheless. You really have to be a half-glass full kind of guy to be so casual about having an arrow lodged in your shoulder.

4. This woman has either forgotten her Netflix password or her Internet is down, but either way, she’s not going to let those inconveniences stop her from embracing a lazy day.

5. Sometimes when you’re out and about with your parents, you lose all sense of adulthood and resort back to an infantile state of indifference. In all fairness, she does appear to have crutches under the cart, but riding in a grocery cart still requires a certain level of carelessness.

6. Morning lectures are not an easy gig for everyone. Some people resort to dozing off subtly with their hood up, but this guy has fully committed to bringing comfort to class. At least he’ll get points for attendance.

7. This woman has mastered the art of looking like she’s working despite the fact that she doesn’t care about her job. People are starting to pile up? So what? So are the cards.

8. It takes some serious fancy festival footwork to completely deteriorate the sole of your shoe, but it also takes some serious carelessness to rock said shoe above your ankle.

9. Many teenagers will pull out all the stops to make sure they look their best for the over-hyped night that is prom. However, this guy could not care less, he’s not going to pretend he was anyone other than who he has been for the past four years.

teenagers will pull out all the stops to make sure they look their best

10. This elderly couple isn’t concerned that they just flipped their car, they are looking at the bigger picture, and that bigger picture is taking advantage of one reckless photo op.

11. If you thought you were over celebrating your birthday, try having to celebrate it for the 107th time. This woman has clearly seen it all and there’s absolutely no level of grandeur that will impress her.

12. At least this dad went through the effort to buy a gift card, but clearly, he’s not the sentimental type, but hey, $100 for being “such a son” is always appreciated.

13. Not everyone feels the need to be a hero. This guy doesn’t care what kind of chaos surrounds him, if he’s got his bottle and cig, he’s content.

14. It’s one thing to park in a handicap spot when you don’t need to, but dumping a mound of gravel in the one spot dedicated to those who need it is a whole other level of negligence.

15. It’s probably safe to say that there was a letter that this kid did not end up passing off to his parents. He may have heard costume, but he had his own interpretation of what that meant.

16. This woman celebrated her 99th birthday in style and completely disregarded the gym’s no alcohol rule in the process.

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