Your Partner May Be Cheating On You, If They Have These Apps

Partner May Be Cheating On You, If They Have These Apps

People are fickle and so are relationships. That’s why the advancement of technology can either be beneficial to those who cheat or can be used as an asset to those who are faithful. Whether it is direct messages, Snapchats, or the good old-fashioned Facebook message, technology has made it much easier for cheaters to cheat.

So what can we do about it and how do we prevent our hearts from being broken?

Here are several apps to keep an eye out for if you think your partner could be cheating.

Private Photo is an app that looks like a calculator but once it is opened it will require a password to access it. If the password is correct it will prompt you into a secret photo library.

So in order to decipher between this imitation calculator and a real one just look at the bottom right corner. If there is a percentage symbol where the division sign usually is, then you know there is a secret photo library hidden in there.

Partner May Be Cheating On You, If They Have These AppsiPhone apps & iPhone games

Tiger Texts. Similar to Snapchat, this app puts a time limit on your text messages. These messages cannot be saved or copied so it is just a tool for those who want to get rid of their cheating evidence.

Nosy Trap. This app is designed to catch those who try to unlock your phone without your permission. If an incorrect password is entered, the front-facing camera will take a picture of whoever is trying to snoop.

Fox Private Message. This app is unique in that once it is manually shaken by the user then all the messages will be deleted. Specific contacts can also be saved as a ‘private contact’ so that any messages from that contact will directly go into the app.

Slydial. Sometimes we get that call that we just let ring on forever. To pretend like we care, use this app which calls your partner back but goes directly to voicemail. So it seems like you called them back when in reality you didn’t want to talk to them.

Partner May Be Cheating On You, If They Have These Apps

Black SMS. This app is clandestine in that it will prevent any pictures from being accessed or seen unless a correct password is entered.

CoverMe. This app is extremely secretive in that it can take back the messages that it has sent, it can encrypt the messages and it can also set the messages to self-destruct. You can also set up a decoy password and all the personal information of the user is locked in an encrypted vault.

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