Guy Wins This Years ‘Easter April Fools’ By Pranking His Girlfriend And Her Facial Expression Says It All

A perfectly executed April Fools’ Day prank can be highly rewarding, but what about those rare occasions when you can pull off an Easter April Fools Prank? This year was one of those times when both occasions fell on the same weekend, and Imgur user speedflychris took perfect advantage of that. In short, he filled a chocolate egg with fake spiders in order to elicit a reaction from his girlfriend.

What may be the most genius Easter April Fools prank ever was documented from beginning to end. Speedflychris covered every aspect of the prank’s delivery from conception to the final reaction from his girlfriend. Hopefully, the amazing Easter April Fools prank didn’t damage their relationship too much, but at least he filled the chocolate egg with fake spiders and not real ones.

Either way, this Easter April Fools prank could come in handy for you next year, providing your victim hasn’t read this story and also decided to pull this on you. Although, that would be a pretty great coincidence, wouldn’t it? Both of you opening an egg filled with tiny fake spiders, possibly screaming in unison? Now that’s the kind of thing that gets a million views on YouTube.

This perfect Easter April Fools prank started with an Easter staple: the hollowed out chocolate egg. Speedflychris bought this in two halves, but writes “you could just cut one open with a hot knife.”

Speedflychris recommends adding some actual chocolates to the prank, because “It reduces the number of spiders you need and it’s a consolation prize.” That’s at least kind of nice.

Of course, this prank wouldn’t work, nor would it be a prank at all, without the addition of some fake spiders. Good advice for fake spiders: buy in bulk.

Here we see the concentration of spiders to chocolate within the chocolate egg. Speedflychris claims that this is “about 100-120 plastic spiders,” which seems like a pretty solid amount.

This is the kind of prank that can get pretty elaborate, especially when you factor in the extra chocolate to seal the egg back up. However, the work will be worth it.

As you can see, the process works pretty well. Speedflychris adds that “you can use a sharp knife to shave down the excess” once the chocolate has cooled.

You’ll need the wrapper from what speedflychris calls a “donor egg.” In this instance, he’s chosen to go extra fancy by passing it off as a Lindt egg.

The key to making this Easter April Fools prank such a masterpiece of trickery is that the packaging looks completely normal. No one would suspect the horror that lies in wait.

The only way this prank could have been better is if the reaction of speedflychris’s girlfriend could have been captured on video, although this reaction shot is pretty great.

This is the kind of look that can either make you laugh harder or completely terrify you. It’s probably safe to say that speedflychris had to do a lot to make up for this.

Overall, this could be considered a highly successful prank. It combines all of the most important prank factors: fear, surprise, and chocolate to ease the pain.

This kind of prank mastery may require a lot of work, patience, and Amazon orders, but the reaction you’ll get from whoever becomes your victim will be worth it.

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