25 Things Girls Will Def Get

Women have come a long way in the fight for gender equality. There are still some issues that haven’t been completely sorted out but we are getting there.

Regardless of gender equality, there are some things that women experience that majority of men don’t.

This could be something like having your heel get caught in a drain.

Below is a list 25 of things that girls with definitely get because it might have happened to them before.

1. Dirty Shoes: When you are a girl you always think about dirt. When girls look at this photo they will get immediately that the caption is talking about the shoes the girl is wearing on her bed. No one should want to sleep in their dirt and that means no one should be wearing shoes in their bed.

2. When You’re Late: Every girl knows that doing your hair takes a while. If you are rushed halfway through you doing your hair you will end up like this girl. For the rest of the day she will have to walk around with half her hair straight and the other half wavy. We feel for her.


3. Finding The Perfect Light: When girls take selfies they want to look their best, and who can blame them for that. There is a lot of talk online about how lighting can make or break a selfie. That’s why every girl will definitely get why this girl climbed on her bathroom sink for that light. We have all been guilty of finding the perfect light like this before.

4. Camera Effect: For us girls, we tend to think we look better in photos then we do in real life. The truth is we look great both ways but we constantly think because we put so much effort into our photos that we look better in them. We are always beautiful and we need to start thinking that way.

5. Tight Pony Tail: Girls will definitely get these photos below. When we put in our ponytails and they are too tight we feel as though our hair is being ripped out of our heads. It is a constant struggle to find out what will be too tight and what is too loose. Eventually, we figure it out though.

6. Friendship: If you have a great friend that doesn’t judge you for anything then this is a picture you will definitely get. Sometimes a girl wants more lift and it’s hard to get it with a bra alone. This girl’s friend decided to help her out by holding her breasts up. These girls are meant to be best friends forever.

7. Winged Eyeliner: When girls put on their winged eyeliner they are told not to make it too big. But this girl has got the right idea in what she is saying. Sometimes us girls just want big wings so we can fly away from all of our problems. Wouldn’t it be great to just fly away once in a while and return when things are better?

8. Unexpected Photo: All the girls out there will completely get this meme. We are constantly around people that want to take photos and we really don’t understand why, but that is just the way it is. And this meme is exactly what we have to do to look good. We have to constantly be on point and ready for anything, even if we don’t want that photo to be taken.

9. Cause Of Lateness: Every girl will completely get why their friend is late if they sent this photo. It takes a long time to get even eyebrows and an even longer time to get winged eyeliner even. All of us girls out there would completely understand why our friend was late and forgive her for it.

10. Sunglass Hair: There is nothing worse than getting something tangled in your hair. This goes double time for sunglasses. These glasses tend to weigh a lot when they get caught in a girl’s hair and it takes forever to get them out. And it’s really hard to get these out of your hair alone without pulling out way too many strands. The struggle.

11. The Shower Look: Every girl will get this photo even without the writing that comes along with it. When we head in the shower without taking our makeup off first we all come out looking like this. Most of us know that it’s going to happen and don’t think much about it. But when we do think about it, it’s because someone has pointed it out to us.

12. Shaving Dilemma: During the winter months a lot of girls don’t really care about shaving their legs, and for good reason. It isn’t like we are showing them off anyways. But when we put on those ripped jeans some of our hairy legs will be on display. Girls will get that this girl only shaved the area of her legs that will be on display. This has literally been every girl at one point in their lives.

13. Teens Today: If you are a girl that was born as a Millennial then you will completely get this meme. When we were teenagers we took selfies also but we didn’t have YouTube tutorials and all of the fashion and makeup advise that teenagers do now. All of the information that is given to people now is being adapted and making all these teenagers selfies look flawless compared to our old ones.

14. Hairy Legs: Just to reiterate, us girls don’t want to shave our legs if no one will be seeing them during the winter months. There really isn’t any point because most of us are fine with having hair on our legs. The only reason we shave is when they are going to be on display for all to see. No point wasting more time in the shower if we don’t have to.


15. Dressing Cute: We have all been there when a girlfriend tells us that they are going to dress cute and then we feel as though we need to also. Most of us just want to go out and have fun, not to think about always looking cute. Peer pressure is hard and we have all been through this conversation before. That’s why every girl will definitely get this meme.

16. Heel Problems: Girls will definitely get this heel problem this girl is going through. We have all been there before when we have walked over something and got our perfect heel stuck in a whole. This is one problem that stiletto heels always give us. I think that’s why thick and wedge heels are becoming more and more popular.


17. Thin Being Pretty: Girls completely get where this girl is coming from and we are on her side. We have been told for so long now, and it is still happening, that girls are pretty when they are thin. That isn’t the truth. Girls are pretty all the time because beauty is much more than weight. This girl has the right idea to tell all the haters out there that are trying to diminish her beauty.

Reddit /u/ greenecc89

18. Hair Dye Problems: When girls go to the salon to get their hair done they are putting their lives in someone else’s hands. When something turns this bad we don’t know what to do with ourselves. There are so many options for our hair and most of the time the way we want it to look isn’t the way it turns out.

19. When You Find A Cheater: This picture sums up a lot of feelings girls will definitely understand when it comes to cheaters. Girls feel like taking a hammer to damage everything the guy owns who cheated on them or the ones you care for. This photo reminds us a lot of that Carrie Underwood song ‘Before He Cheats.’

20. Casting Spells: Girls know that their best friends will always be there, even more than their boyfriends. That’s what makes this meme hilarious. When a guy doesn’t call a girl back she can rely on her friends to be there to curse him. Just like in The Witches Of Eastwick film.

Instagram /u/ @moor134

21. Get Out Of A Date: When you are on a bad date you can always rely on your best friend to get you out of there. This is something that every girl will definitely get. When this girl messaged her friend to help her get out of this date her friend went all out for her. This is what being a girl is all about, helping out your fellow girls.

22. Diet: Every girl definitely gets it when their friend tells them that they are on a diet. Sometimes the two of you will go into the diet together. But that also means that you will encourage each other to treat yourselves also. That’s what makes this photo amazing. It has literally been all of us girls with our friends at some point in our lives.

23. Those Eyelashes: Every girl gets that fake eyelashes are expensive and they look fabulous. When this girl noticed that a girl on the street had her eyelashes taken off by the wind, she completely understands the dilemma the girl was in. We really hope she was able to get those lashes back, but hopefully, she cleaned them well before putting them back on her eye.

24. Bad Tan Lines: Every girl who wears pants that have designed holes in them will definitely get where this girl is coming from. There is always that struggle of wanting to look good in your pants but avoiding tan lines. The truth is the sun isn’t kind to anyone and we are all living in a cloud if we think it won’t give us horrible tan lines.

25. Face Masks: There are all sorts of face masks out on the market today. Us girls get it when these masks don’t work for all of us. There are also times when these masks actually do really weird stuff, like this mask did to this girl. She looks like she is having a blast documenting the whole thing.

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