24 People Who Are Unique To Say The Least

24 People Who Are Unique To Say The Least

These days, uniqueness and diversity are becoming more welcomed and accepted in society.

Long gone are the days of being ridiculed and judged for being different. To celebrate uniqueness and individuality.

Here are 24  people who aren’t afraid to express who they are.

1. Uniqueness and straying from the norm were at one point deemed taboo in society, but today you’ll see all sorts of different people stepping outside of their comfort zones, expressing who they are and fully being themselves without a care in the world. Some people won’t step foot out of the house unless they are wearing something that adheres to the tastes of the masses, but there are others who dress up for themselves and themselves only. This striped cyclist has no intention of fitting in with his Dr. Seuss-like vehicle and outfit that looks like a cross between Where’s Waldo? and the Hamburglar. One major benefit of embracing such an eye-catching ensemble is that he doesn’t have to worry about cars not seeing him while he cruises down the streets with his purple Crocs. You have to wonder what inspired this dizzying bicycle overhaul and if he has more than one outfit to match it.

2. When you leave the house wearing something less than conventional, you have got to expect to have a few eyes dart towards you in curiosity. This guy found a clever way to turn the tables by wearing a giant eyeball as a headpiece to reflect the stares of unsolicited gawkers. However, how he actually sees is questionable.

3. Walking the same route can get awfully boring after a while, but this mother found a way to spice up her morning stroller stroll. If a little attention was what she was craving, this Yoda mask certainly did the trick considering the number of heads turned towards her. You also have to appreciate how well she colour-coordinated the mask to the stroller.

4. One might assume that this guy simply put his clothes on in the wrong order when he rolled out of bed that morning. However, maybe he lost his belt and found a clever solution to keeping his pants up. Whatever this man’s motives were, he certainly doesn’t seem to care what other people think.


5. If you don’t have hair to get crazy with to show your individuality, DIY hats are apparently the next best thing. This chipper man looks like his chapeau has more of a story to it, whether it’s a Halloween costume or a protest against pollution, but maybe he is just really into recycling.

6. The mustache, the curly blonde locks, the playboy necklace and the hilarious outfit — this guy is definitely not ashamed in the least when it comes to showing off his fashion sense. The background and sunburn seem to imply he’s on vacation, but one would imagine that life is a vacation for this guy.

 the curly blonde locksImgur

7. Let’s face it, the hair removal process isn’t something anyone enjoys, no matter what method. This man appears to have gone the painful waxing route, but at least he found a way to have some sort of fun with it. Hopefully, this guy debuted this look at the beach at least once for the sake of other people’s reactions.

8. Santa Claus has a mistress? This would certainly be an odd sight to explain to a child but hey, even mall Santas need to take a break every now and then. He may not be donning the jacket but there’s no denying this man’s Christmas aura — even with the arm tattoo.

9. This does not look like an outfit that would be easy to sneak by anyone in as one would imagine the slightest movement would deploy a rubbery squeak. However, considering this man’s outfit, subtlety does not seem to be what he’s going for. Definitely not pants you’d want to be wearing on a hot day though.

10. The city is a treasure trove when it comes to people watching. No matter how sick and tired of your daily subway commute you are, it’s the people like this that add a little flavour to the daily grind. Before judging, consider the fact that if this outfit is for work, they are getting paid to have a lot more fun than you.

11. Putting together an outfit isn’t always easy when trying to figure out what colours go together and what ones clash. This woman has cut out that daily dilemma by opting for one colour and one colour only, pink. With pink hair to match, this lady knows what she likes and doesn’t care who feels differently.

12. It’s a funny thought to imagine that this woman actually works a boring 9 to 5 and only dresses this way on weekends. However, when you get this full-tilt weird, it probably isn’t limited by the day of the week. One thing is for sure, she is feeling whatever music is playing (if there’s any music playing at all).

13. For the many bypassers that will question why, this cape-clad cat cyclist asks, “why not?” There’s probably much more of a backstory to this site, but the most prominent question is the inanimate front passenger. You have to wonder what the significance of the orange-headed being is because it certainly can’t be fun to lug around.

14. As an everyday headpiece, this towering feather crown is going to probably garner some negative attention, especially if she decides to go see a movie. However, when it comes to crowded events, this woman might as well be walking around with a GPS pin following her. Not a bad tactic if you tend to stray from the crowd, which she seems likely to.

towering feather crown is going to probably garner some negative attentionBrumm

15. The contraption this woman is wearing might serve more of a purpose than just a fashion statement. If her goal was to guarantee no one invades her personal space, including the man with a bucket over his head, then she definitely succeeded. She looks quite zen knowing that she won’t be grazing arms with fellow bypassers.

16. Clearly this person didn’t find the comforts of a yarn sweater to be enough and instead opted for a full-body outfit for optimal coziness. It’s safe to say that this attempted camouflage design does anything but camouflage. However, you have to appreciate the craftsmanship behind this snug bodysuit.

 a full-body outfit for optimal cozinessPinterest

17. Most people opt for clothes that allow optimal relaxation when lounging in the comfort of their own homes, but clearly, this guy is not most people. The only thing that could make this look less enjoyable was if he was on a leather couch. Can’t imagine that number is easy to get into or out of.

18. A lot of people cruise around in flashy vehicles to show themselves off, but this is a whole other breed of vehicular garish. Not sure what kind of message this guy is trying to convey with his pig bike, but at least he knows that no one will get away with stealing it.

19. It’s not uncommon to see a shame-ridden man holding his wife’s purse for a hot second, but holding her bra and shoes for her? That’s definitely a new one. However, considering the padding in the bra and perfectly fitting heels, it’s probably safe to say that this unique look is all him.

20. From the ankle up, you wouldn’t notice anything unconventional about this suited man shopping about. However, his towering heels definitely show that he is not your typical businessman. You don’t always have to go all out sometimes a splash of weird is all that’s necessary to stand out from the crowd.

21. Walk into a McDonald’s after midnight and there is no limit to the weirdness on display. It’s unlikely this woman mistook a pair of underwear for a hat and looks sober enough to know exactly what she’s doing. Maybe she just needed some headwear that would allow her pony to fly free.

22. The objective of suspenders is to hold pants up instead of a belt, which this guy clearly doesn’t seem to fully understand. However, maybe he once experienced a terribly embarrassing pants blunder and just wants to make sure that it never happens again with an extra backup belt to seal the deal.

23. You have to wonder if this woman just went to her hairdresser and showed them a picture of a lion. Things like sitting and getting through doorways might not be the most ideal with this truly voluminous hair, but if attention was the goal, she certainly got it from this awe-stricken man.

24. When you aren’t sure what look you really want to go for, why not try both and let everyone else be the judge? If that was the thought process here, it will definitely be easier to go one way than the other at this point. Maybe he’s just incredibly indecisive, but he doesn’t seem to mind either way.

try both and let everyone else be the judge

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