Patron Accuses Restaurant Of Leaving Insulting Message On Bill

Receiving the bill is generally the least enjoyable part of the dining experience, but one woman was absolutely furious after seeing what she read. An already unpleasant restaurant outing for Anna Warrender and her two friends was made even worse after discovering that the staff labelled her as a “pain in the [expletive] woman” on the bill.

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Brewhemia has been receiving glowing reviews, but customer service has proven to be a weak spot. Anna Warrender and her friends racked up a bill of over $200 on food and Prosecco at the resto-bar, which opened back in July. However, their experience left a bad taste in their mouths before they even asked for the check.

Warrender explained that the trio had to wait 45 minutes for their food and they were told that they only had 15 minutes left to dine, despite the fact that they had just received the dessert menu. To placate their patrons, Brewhemia offered them a bottle of Prosecco in compensation, but this complimentary item was given with the complete opposite of a compliment.

Warrender reviewed her bill only to notice that her server spitefully entered her name as “pain in the [expletive] woman.” Anna was naturally furious when she saw this insulting bill and decided to deter her friends and family from ever dining at Brewhemia with a scathing Facebook post.

Patron Accuses Restaurant Of Leaving Insulting Message On BillFacebook / Anna Warrender

Anna Warrender’s Facebook post soon became flooded with comments criticizing the unprofessionalism and blatant rudeness of the restaurant staff. Warrender informed Daily Mail that she and her friends have since been given a full refund from Brewhemia.

This isn’t the only time Brewhemia’s customer service has been put under fire. Back in September, there was an incident where a customer was refused entry for wearing glitter on his face. Drew Kerr recalled the experience on Twitter and accused the bouncer’s reasoning to be of a homophobic nature.

Brewhemia’s general manager, Danny Wylie, released a public apology after the matter gained traction on social media. Wylie insisted that the occurrence was an “isolated incident,” but in addition to Warrender’s experience, it sounds like Brewhemia needs to reconsider their staffing.

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