25 Times Actions Had Unintended Consequences

There have been times in everyone’s lives when their actions had unintended consequences.

These consequences may have been bad, like leaving your car window open during a snowstorm. Or these consequences may have been good, like finding a really expensive ring on a vegetable you grew.

Below is a list of 25 times actions had unintended consequences.

1. Snow In Car: When this person left their window rolled down it had a big unintended consequence. The snow ended up going into the car and filling it. We think this car owner might not have known that the window of their car was rolled down during the storm. If the person did know they probably would’ve checked on the car. This makes for two actions that led to unintended consequences.

2. Nitrous Oxide System Car Explosion: We might not have known that nitrous oxide could explode at high temperatures, but we do now. This person had a nitrous booster in their car and it ended up exploding the whole back end of it. He probably installed the nitrous boost to give his car more power, but unfortunately, his action had an unintended consequence.

3. Ice Cream Tan: Everyone loves to eat ice cream when it’s hot outside. When this girl went out to have some ice cream on a hot day she ended up with some embarrassing unintended consequences. Due to the fact that she sat in the same position for a while under the sun, she ended up getting tan lines that show the silhouette of the bowl and spoon she had with her ice cream.

4. Drunk Pizza: It’s no secret that intoxication usually leads to consuming whatever food you can get your hands on. This person wanted to make a pizza, but what they didn’t know was that the combination of drinking and the action of cooking was going to have an unintended consequence. The person ended up forgetting about the pizza and 13 hours later took it out of the oven. What they were left with was one burnt piece of dough.

Reddit /u/ gnrslash1987

5. Fire Hydrant Parking: There is a reason you aren’t supposed to park near a fire hydrant. This person might’ve not seen the fire hydrant when they were parking, but their action had one unexpected unintended consequences. The firefighters needed to use the water from the hydrant and decided to go right through this person’s car. You have to wonder what the person’s reaction was to this happening.

Reddit /u/ ItsJustAPrankBro

6. Clean Your Drains: A lot of us don’t think about cleaning out our drains that often. Let this be a warning to all of you to clean them regularly. This person didn’t clean out their drain and things started growing on it. Our actions have consequences just as much as our inactions have consequences.

Imgur /u/ THEsolid85

7. Rising Pizza Dough: Pizza dough rises in high temperatures, many pizza lovers and cooks know this. Clearly whoever threw out this pizza dough didn’t know this rule of thumb. A bunch of pizza dough was thrown out but the high temperatures outside were able to keep the dough rising. This is one action that had some serious unintended consequences.

8. Trapped Turtle: When we litter there are serious consequences to not only us but to all living things. Someone decided to leave this pop can holder on the ground and this poor turtle ended up getting trapped in it. This should be a lesson to throw garbage and recycling in their proper bins, not outside where living things can be harmed.

9. Frozen House: This apartment building had a huge fire in it not too long ago. Due to the freezing temperatures outside, the water used to put the out fire froze the building. This is one action that no one would have thought would have this unintended consequence. It seems like this is one building that can’t catch a break.

10. Nonstop Ice Maker: Ice makers that are built into our fridges are really cool and handy, but there can be consequences when you don’t replace the ice tray. This person made an honest mistake and didn’t put the ice tray back in the freezer. This one action led to the unintended consequence of there being an entire freezer full of ice cubes.

11. Never Leave Food In The Car: This person went on a camping trip in the woods and left food in their car. When they came back to the car the next day, they saw their car had been destroyed. Their innocent action of leaving food in their car in the woods led to the unintended consequence of animals rampaging the interior and stealing it all.

12. Fire Alarm: When you pull a fire alarm in a building, you can expect that annoying sound to go off and signal people inside to go outside and wait for the fire department to arrive. However, that’s not what happens when someone pulls a fire alarm at a hanger. This is one innocent action someone did that resulted in an unintended consequence. At least now we all know what happens when a hanger fire alarm is pulled.

Imgur /u/ MattKleiser

13. Dyed Hands: When you dye your clothes, gloves are a must-have. However, this girl wore them and somehow the dye managed to still seep through, leaving her with some Barney-like hands. We now know that this unintended consequence could happen to anyone. If you’re planning on dying clothes any time soon, make sure that you get some heavy duty gloves.

14. Cheetah’s Cheetos: When we open a pack of Cheetos we don’t expect a cheetah to come up to us and ask for some. However, that is exactly what happened to this guy (or this could just be a really good photoshop, we’re not too sure). He was sitting in the back of a van and opened a bag of Cheetos and, a couple seconds later, a cheetah walked in and wanted in on the bag.

15. Monster Mop: The way that this mop is situated makes it resemble a monster. People probably look at this mop and run away at first glance. The innocent action of placing the mop in this monster-like way will most likely have the unintended consequence of having dirty floors from here on out.

16. Small Fries: When we ask for a small fry at McDonald’s, we expect it to be small, but not a size suitable for an infant. This guy asked for a small fry from McDonald’s and ended up with the unintended consequence of getting a size fry that would only fill a mouse. We do have to admit though, it’s really not about the size of the fry box, it’s about how many fries the employee can put in it.

17. Food Fail: We have all posed for a photo with our food before, but this doesn’t usually end up being the result. When this girl was posing with her cake, it fell right off of her plate. Her innocent action quickly turned into a hilariously documented unintended consequence. The cake looks really good so we hope she was able to save it.

18. Dove, Dove, Dove: When we are looking for bathing products, we usually don’t get a migraine. This person went down one aisle and thought their eyes were playing tricks on them. It turns out that these bottles just weren’t packaged right. This is definitely an unintended consequence made by a machine in the company’s building.

19. Will You Take This Carrot?: When people garden, it’s usually to sell or use their vegetables and/or fruits. What this person found instead was an engagement ring wrapped around a carrot grown in this garden. This is one unintended consequence that everyone probably wishes would happen to them. That ring has got to be worth some money.

Reddit /u/ le_fromage_puant

20. Locked Inside: This girl was walking around the store only to find out she was locked inside. @unbothered__g said on Twitter that she was walking around the store when the owners forgot she was in there and closed up shop for the night. This is one unintended consequence of going to a store that we really hope never happens again. She’s probably had to wait in there for some time.

21. Frozen Car Wash: We may think that we can get a car wash in any weather as long as the car wash is open, but when this person showed up to the car wash on a winter’s day they noticed that all the water froze. This is something that we don’t believe anyone could have predicted and we hope that there was some way to fix it.

Reddit /u/ weeeezzll

22. Airplane Doors: When this airplane door wasn’t disarmed before opening it, the inflatable evacuation slide was activated. We bet that the pilot didn’t intend for this to happen and it was just an unintended consequence of his action. However, we are also guessing that this employee wasn’t expecting to be getting this welcoming when the plane landed.

Twitter /u/ @Toughmutter

23. Train Burnout: When a train brakes for a long time and the wheels continuously turn while they are braking, it’s called a burnout. This image is the result of one train doing a burnout. When a train brakes, no one is expecting it to have an effect on the tracks, but it does affect the tracks during a burnout. The track ends up melting away in the middle like this one did.

Reddit /u/ Lets_Jump_This_Jump

24. Always Change Your Oil On Time: If you have a car, then you have been told before to always get an oil change on time. We don’t really think that anything horrible will happen when we don’t get it changed exactly on time, but there are some consequences to this. This person ended up going 8,4000 miles without getting an oil change and this action led to this disgusting unintended consequence.

Reddit /u/ Tnargkiller

25. Don’t Ignore Safety Cones: There are safety cones put up for a reason, especially when there is a snow storm heading your way. This car was parking where there were safety cones in a hospital parking lot. Their actions definitely had some serious unintended consequences because it’s going to be hard to get that car out of there now.

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