School Security Camera Captures Footage Of ‘Ghost’ Causing Trouble In Hallways

Just in time for Halloween, a secondary school in Cork, Ireland has captured some rather sensational footage of some kind of poltergeist getting up to no good in a long hallway. The CCTV camera captured the footage around 3 am on October 1st.

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Deerpark CBS is located in one of the older neighbourhoods in Ireland and is reported to be a sight of multiple hauntings. Originally populated by Vikings in the year 990, it was later taken over by Prince John, Lord of Ireland in the 1100s. The city also holds one of the oldest monasteries in Ireland.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts or poltergeists, Deerpark CBS captured some remarkable footage that might be the real deal or some kind of elaborate prank. According to history, a Poltergeist (German for “noisy ghost”) is a noisy spirit responsible for physical disturbances in our natural environment.

At the start of the captured video footage, a door wildly swings open, idling for a moment before slamming shut moments later. The sound is quite startling as the door bang echoes through the long hallways of the school. About a quarter of the way through, one of the lockers begins to violently shake and slam against the wall.

About halfway through the video after the locker finishes shaking, one of the locker doors opens, and a pile of papers flicks out onto the floor. A lot of theories can be behind why these things might be happening in the school.

For example, a series of strings or spring-loaded mechanisms might be responsible for making things appear as though they are flying through the air. Perhaps someone prepared an elaborate prank like this just in time for Halloween.

At the end of the footage, the wet floor sign mysteriously flips itself. No doubt these actions seem way too calculated to be supernatural, but we think the footage is a lot of spooky fun nonetheless.

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