16 Problematic Pics Of People Clearly Crying For Help

Have you ever seen someone doing something questionable? I think we all have. You probably couldn’t count the number of weird things that happen in public on any given day.

Sometimes you worry about these people, but most of the time you think “same” because life is hard and sometimes you just don’t care enough.

Here are several people who are living their life without a single care for what you think. If none of these items are relevant to you, are you even human?

1) This goes out to all my cat people. There’s not a single cat person out there who saw this photo and didn’t empathize with this person just a little bit.

2) Unless this person was in solitary confinement with just a strawberry to pass the time, I really can’t think of a good enough reason why someone would spend their time picking out all of the seeds of a strawberry.

3) This is so cute and so sad all at the same time. It sort of resembles the sad emoji where it looks like it’s half sad, half surprised. But seriously though, someone turn off the tap. Wasting water is not cool. Although it does look like his nose is leaking. Please, whoever’s washroom this is, never move.

4) Is it attractive if you like memes? Apparently so. Is this a little much? Yea just a bit. But hey, if both parties are happy then who are we to judge. The girl gets a little boost to see whatever is happening up front, the guy gets his head covered. It may be a win-win situation for all.

5) This has to be a joke, otherwise, it’s pretty alarming for obvious reasons. One of them is that a burrito is not an animal, it doesn’t have “skin”. Another being, who on earth eats a burrito from the middle? This photo might actually be my nightmare.

6) I mean, this is pretty awesome. If you have yet to experience the delight that is a baby goat, what do you even do on YouTube? I promise that after you’ve seen a few videos you’ll want to buy one and probably buy this baby strap thing too so you can carry your newly purchased goat with you everywhere.

7) This is a great reminder, tbh. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves first and we give way too much priority to the trifling losers around us. So whoever is getting you down, maybe it’s a good idea to set a reminder on your phone that you’re a boss and everyone else can suck it.

8) Now I know this is definitely a joke because no sane person would actually eat an oreo that was soaked in water but I just can’t bring myself to laugh at this horror. Why would anyone do something like this to an innocent cookie? Now it’s inedible unless you’re a monster.

9) This is also just harmful. There are literally lines on the cake to indicate where you should be cutting the slices so that they’re even. Why would you ignore that suggestion and do this? Now it’s not even, and the pieces look terrible, and the cake looks sad.

10) Check out these statement shoes. Would you wear something like this? I mean they’re probably not work-appropriate but they are definitely getting the message across. I bet you no one messes with this person. I bet they can kill you with one long stare. This all sounds pretty great.

11) Everyone with longish hair knows this feeling. You get caught in the booby trap and it’s damn near impossible to get yourself out without yanking some strands of hair or at least hurting yourself. It’s probably best if we hang sunglasses on our clothing instead of on our head, or maybe we should all just shave our heads.

12) Some people love animals, others love their children, but still, others love lamps. Or maybe this person loves this particular lamp. Or maybe it’s too bright and they just need some shuteye. Or maybe they’re tired of the weird looks and long stares people give you on the subway.  

13) Not only does this image give me visceral pain, but it also looks terrifying. Someone get this girl a pair of shoes that actually fit her, please. Is it just me or does her smile actually look pained? Maybe she just needs a chair to sit on. I hate these shoes so much.

14) If you’ve ever worked retail or in the service industry, you can definitely relate to this post. One of the worst jobs ever is helping ungrateful customers while your manager either micromanages you or is yelling at you about something you can’t control.

15) I don’t think there’s any going back from this blunder. Have you heard of a smoother pick up line? I’m sure the person really appreciated being called a baby gorilla. Hopefully, the person quit there because it’s all downhill from here. Just take your L and do better tomorrow.

16) This beautiful Facebook update. Sometimes we need something to scare us out of our wits before we change an annoying habit. You can say this guy got what’s coming to him.

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