Emma Stone Says She Is Embarrassed She Looks Naked In Photo With Hillary Clinton

Emma Stone was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week. She was pretty excited to find out that Hillary Clinton was a guest as well. The actress wanted to take advantage of this moment and decided to pose for a photo with Clinton. It turned out to be a really cute photo except for the fact that Stone looks….naked.

The actress was understandable and pretty embarrassed to find out that she had a bit of a wardrobe situation. Okay, it wasn’t a situation at all, just an unfortunate hand placement. In the photo, both Stone and Clinton are holding up T-shirts with tennis champion Billie Jean King’s face on it.

But the place where Stone is holding her shirt, covers her sleeveless dress, making her look completely naked. So much so that if you didn’t know the context, you’d probably think that Stone was hanging out with Clinton in her natural state. It’s actually a pretty hilarious photo if you ask me. The two look like it’s completely normal for one of them to be in the nude.

Emma was a vocal Clinton supporter during the 2016 presidential election. Back in November, Stone, along with several other celebrities, was photographed wearing shirts in support of Clinton being President.

Stone visited Stephen Colbert to promote her new film Battle of the Sexes which is about the historic tennis match between Billie Jean King (stone) and Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell). The film resembles a lot of what we saw this past election.

If you aren’t familiar with the story, Riggs, an overtly sexist, challenged King to a tennis match because he thought there was no way a woman could beat him. King ended up winning the match and resulted in the gender equality that we see in sports today.

Stone told Out magazine, “The parallel in this movie is pretty fascinating. We began shooting in the spring of 2016 when there was still a lot of hope in the air, and it was very interesting to see this guy- this narcissistic, self-focused, constantly-stirring-the-pot kind of guy-against this incredible, qualified woman…”.

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