8 Everyday Objects With Secret Uses You Don’t Know About


When you use the same stuff over and over again, you stop paying attention to detail. I mean, ever wonder why there’s a hole at the end of your pan’s handle? Or why there’s a whole at the end of your pen cap?

We don’t really stop to think about this stuff because it’s always around us. Actually, if you were writing with a pen, and stopped and questioned the cap…the people around you might think you are odd, or they might think you are a genius for pondering such a thing.

If you aren’t sure about some of the other things that I am talking about, don’t worry. Here are 8 everyday objects with secret uses you don’t know about. You will never look at this stuff the same way again. These are sure to give you an “Aha!” moment.

1. Alright, let’s talk a little more about the hole at the end of your saucepan handle. Let me give you a little scenario. You are making pasta sauce, and you are stirring it with your spoon. You have nowhere to put it. Well, now you do!

2. Ever wondered what those tiny pockets are on your jeans? I mean, they literally don’t fit anything! Well, these pockets are actually made for pocket watches. According to lifebuzz.com, this design dates back to the 1800s. The style has stayed ever since!

3. A lot of us, especially kids, love chewing on pen caps. Unfortunately, there have been instances where people have swallowed the cap whole. This can block your breathing. According to sciencealert.com, adding a large hole at the top of the lid increases air flow. Thanks to this addition, people who choke on their pen caps are more likely to survive swallowing the little pieces of plastic.

4. Guys, believe it or not, the lid of your soft drink at fast food places also works as a coaster. Yup! Let that sink in. The way that the lid is designed allows for you to put your drink perfectly on top of the lid. That way your table stays clean and dry and you can enjoy a stain-free dinner!

5. Have you ever wondered why there are multiple colors for bread tags they use to keep the bags closed? Well, the different colors actually tell you how fresh the bread is. The colors tell you which day they were delivered. According to lifebuzz.com, each color corresponds to the day of the week. There are exceptions of course! So when in doubt, just follow the expiry date just to be safe!

6. Next time you want to fill up on gas and you get confused which side to go on, don’t worry. There’s an arrow on your gas tank meter that shows you which side the tank is on. It’s so convenient and it saves you time on re-parking and getting out of the car.

7. This one just might be the best discovery yet! Turns out, you don’t need to get all your plates dirty when you get takeout from a Chinese food place. Nope, you can save your stress. These things also fold into plates. You can also turn these bad boys back into a container and pop them in a fridge.

8. According to lifehackers.com, if you want only want one tic-tac and you just have no way of doing it without touching multiple pieces, well, there is a way. The lid on your pack of mints actually dispenses these bad boys one at a time. Not that anyone wants just one tic-tac, but just in case you do.

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