Scientists Say There Are 7 Curious Female Features That Seem To Attract Men The Most

Evolutionary biology dictates that living organisms are designed to want to pass on their genetic information. Humans want to find the best mates that are capable of providing for their offspring. During the time of hunter-gatherers, women would favor those who could survive and thus care for their child the longest. And the same goes for the rest of the animal kingdom.

Whether it be primates or sea otters or hedgehogs, there are a few desirable traits that will make one stand out to the opposite sex.

Here are seven female features that research shows attract men the most.

Sweat. While sweat might not be the most pleasant smell it can actually say a lot about one’s emotions. Scientists have shown that the ‘scent of happiness’ can be very contagious since it can elicit positive emotions in others as well.

Laughter. Psychologists have long said that genuine and sincere laughter is the key to any sort of long-standing relationship or friendship. If you can make your significant other laugh and smile sincerely then that means they will associate positive emotions with you.

Glasses. This one is pretty straightforward. Research shows that men find women who wear glasses as more attractive and sexy.

Light tan lines. Some studies have shown that men appreciate the lighter areas of a tanned body since it makes the tanned body ‘look even nuder.’

Messy hair. Men like messy hair because they don’t have to worry about ruining it and it also looks more natural and ‘homely.’

No Makeup. Scientists have shown that nearly 40 percent of people found that women who don’t wear makeup are more attractive. This is because it makes women appear more ‘natural.’

A reasonable body type. Scientists have shown that men appreciate a woman who has some fat on her body and have an hourglass type of figure.

Research has shown that when men looked at pictures of women with an hourglass figure it induced more impulses in the brain that were responsible for pleasure.

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