The Weekly Roundup Of All Our Favorite Things

The Weekly Roundup Of All Our Favorite Things

You wake up on Monday. You realize you have to start a new week of work and it is just killing you. You grind it out all day. Then you get home, kick off your shoes and… Realize you have to do that for four more days.

It can be pretty hard, but maybe some of our favourite things rounded up from the internet will help you feel a bit better. Need a good laugh? We’ve got you covered. Need to feel inspired? We’ll do that too. Basically, these great items we’ve put together are our favourite things for a reason.

No matter how hard of a week you’ve had, you can just unwind and enjoy a good laugh. These funny memes, hilarious pictures, and inspiring quotes will help you feel a little better after all the hard work you do. Pour yourself a coffee, put your pyjamas on, and enjoy your weekend with these great gems.

This is probably how we all felt on Monday. Trying to get things done without any disturbances can sometimes be an impossible task. That’s why this ‘do not disturb sign is one of our favourite things. It clearly sends the message that this lady does not want to be bothered.

Maybe part of your week was paying your bills. Yes, it gives you peace of mind, but it certainly doesn’t do much for your wallet. It’s always tempting to say “Why do I even need a phone? I just want a PS4!” Then again, we all have to be responsible adults. Why, though?

What if you walk into work one day and you see the Holy Grail. Somebody brought doughnuts! And not just any doughnuts; Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Your mouth starts watering and you open up the box to get yourself a sugary treat. Then you see that everything you were looking forward to is a lie.

Another thing you had to take care of this week? The dreaded dentist appointment (probably because you’ve been eating too many delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts). The dentist leans in and tells you that he has to fill a cavity. “Great,” you think to yourself, “Now I’m going to have the condition known as ‘floppy mouth.’”

There are also those days at work when everything is so boring, and the hours are ticking by so slowly, that you start to think of the weirdest things. Maybe it’s a cartoon from your past. Then you have a startling realization, and you wonder how it took you so many years to put the puzzle pieces together.

The commute to work can be one of the hardest and most frustrating parts of the day, but there are times when you get to see something on the way to work that really just makes you smile, or at least feel lucky that you aren’t that person. Sometimes it happens when you stop for coffee.

Halfway through the work week, you start to feel fatigued. You start to wonder why you have to keep going in and contemplate every part of your life and everything you’ve done to get to this point, and that’s just during the time that your alarm is going off.

So you paid all your bills, put gas in the car, and put some money aside for rent. Then you remember that your fridge is totally empty. You travel to the grocery store and plan a meal, but you know when you get in there, that the whole thing is really just a big gamble.

While you’re at work, you know your boss is probably hitting the golf course. It never seems fair that just because the company is named after him he can just duck out whenever he wants. Yeah, he lost his parents at a young age and he likes to stay in shape, but still! The least he could do is come to the late-night meetings.

You finally made it to the weekend! On top of that, it’s payday! Time to forget about all the other bills you have to pay and treat yourself to a nice dinner at a lovely steakhouse. Make sure you go somewhere that knows how to properly cook your meat though, unless of course you like a steak well done, like some kind of small-handed madman.

Then you start to wander home, and you remember that it’s Friday night. One of our favourite things is seeing all the crazy people who have started their weekends early, wandering the streets and looking for the next place to cause trouble. Sometimes you see the aftermath of a good time, and you wonder what the story was.

Then you remember that you got invited to that party! So you make your way over and see all your friends and acquaintances. You get a drink and settle in. You’re having a pretty good time, and then suddenly somebody decides that now is a good time to whip out the musical instrument and start playing THAT song.

You leave the party way too late and get home and go straight to bed. Even though it’s Saturday, you just can’t make yourself sleep any longer. You try to get back into it, but your brain just won’t let you. So you finally get out from under the covers (or maybe just take the covers with you) and start the day.

Heading to the bathroom, you check your reflection (never a great idea first thing in the morning) and decide to brush your teeth. Then a terrible memory comes sweeping back in: you got in pretty late, and you were not careful about how loud you were being, which may have made your roommate or significant other displeased with you.

It’s time for one of the greatest things in the world: coffee, you pour yourself a cup from the full pot and down it almost immediately. Then the person you live with comes in and asks if they can take it for you because they want to wash it. They put their hands on it, then quickly back away when they see the look on your face.

 the greatest things in the world:

The thing about coffee, of course, is that it stimulates you. It breathes life into an otherwise routine existence. That’s why you need it, even on a day off. Coffee is the fuel that you run on, and things aren’t going to get done without it. Sure, sometimes you’re cranky without it, but who wouldn’t be?

Because it’s Saturday, you make yourself a great big breakfast. That’s when you start to realize you maybe haven’t worked everything out of your system from Friday night. You make this realization when you see your breakfast staring back at you. Plus, you used way too much butter on your pancakes.

You eat your breakfast anyway and then decide to look at some funny stuff on the internet. Luckily, you find this list of our favourite things. That includes this list of prose puns known as ‘Tom Swifties.’ Everybody loves puns, right? Come on, do we even need to ask that question?

Since it’s Saturday, you’re going to stay in your comfortable clothes all day. However, you still want to make a fashion statement. At the very least, you want to make a statement through your fashion, and you want to make sure that everyone who sees you gets it right away.

Of course, if you want to make a less aggressive statement, you could always just let people know what kind of animal you’re trying to emulate. We all have a spirit animal, the creature we most relate to. For some it’s a tiger, for others it’s an eagle. For you, it’s one of the greatest and most majestic animals of all.

So since you went to a steakhouse for dinner on Friday night, you decide that tonight you’re going to cook something yourself. You find some fun recipes on the internet, and you settle on one that sounds good and looks like it will be fun. Then you end up with something scary and unappetizing. Although it’s not like you won’t eat it anyway.

a steakhouse for dinner on Friday nightreddit

Then you go to grab yourself a drink out of the fridge, and you remember that these cans have been in your fridge for a while. So you check the bottom and find that somebody was having their own form of fun at work. That makes you smile because you’re happy someone was having a good time while they were working.

So after you have that drink, you decide you need a grown-up drink, so you get yourself a glass of wine. That’s when you notice something about the ripped jeans you’re wearing: they make the perfect cup holder. Makes more sense why people would want to buy them now.

After a few glasses of wine, you find yourself looking at pictures on the internet. Sometimes reality doesn’t even seem like it’s real, especially when you see something like this. Did the sky crash? Does the planet Earth need to be restarted? No, it’s just a broken billboard. Thank goodness for that, we suppose.

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