Incredible Photos And Stories Of 4 Pregnant Transgender Men

The stories and experiences of transgender people are being shared more than ever, and people are beginning to take notice. Transgender people are being elected to public office and represented in television and film. However, something from the community that is not often discussed is the instance of pregnant transgender men.

Pregnant transgender men have an altogether different experience of pregnancy than pregnant women, but their stories are not as prevalent. Transgender pregnancy, though uncommon, is something that people go through, and it should be talked about. The best way to educate people about this unique experience is to hear the stories right from the source.

These are the unique stories of four pregnant transgender men: Trystan Reese, Chris Rehs-Dupin, Kayden Coleman, and Scott Moore. Each of these men had their own struggles and experiences while carrying children. The stories of these men and their partners are not only inspirational but also illuminate the incredible experience of transgender pregnancy.

1. As a gay trans father, Trystan Reese had his own unique experience with his partner, Biff Chaplow. They had previously adopted Trystan’s niece and nephew.

Reese had to stop taking testosterone to conceive, but he was successful. Trystan gave birth to his and Biff’s child, Leo, on July 14, 2017.

2. Chris Rehs-Dupin and his wife wanted to have a child, but they had trouble conceiving. This inspired Chris to carry their first child for the couple.

Chris gave birth to daughter to daughter Hayden on December 20, 2014. Afterward, Chris’s wife was able to become pregnant herself and gave birth to their second child.

3. Pregnancy came unexpectedly to Kayden Coleman while he was 10 years into his transition. He only found out after a pregnancy test came up positive.

Kayden was able to conceive as he had gone off of his testosterone regime before a mastectomy. He and his husband Elijah now have a daughter named Azaelia.

4 Scott Moore and his husband, Thomas, are both transgender men. When Scott became pregnant in 2009, he was one of only two recorded pregnant transgender men.

Scott and Thomas, who live together in California, already had two adopted children, Gregg and Logan. They welcomed their son, Myles, into the world in March 2010.

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