24 Uh-Oh Moments That Ended In Disaster

There are always those photos you see that make you feel better for not being in that moment.

It might be because we know that moment is horrible. Or that the moment just after, ended in complete disaster. Either way, looking at these photos makes us feel a little better about ourselves and helps us get through the day.

Below is a list consisting of these hilarious ego boosting photos.

1. Friend’s Tattoo Decision: This is a lesson to everyone, never let your friend decide the tattoo you get on your body. This girl is now stuck for the rest of her life with a disaster of a tattoo on her ankle. It’s safe to say that we are glad we are not this girl right now. And telling from the expression on her face, disaster is going to strike again, but this time to her friend.

2. Private Text Goes To Group Chat: There might not be anything more horrific then finding out your step-children have read something sexual you wrote to their mother. It will be a very long time before the children ever let him live this moment down. And we have all lived through the disaster of a private text that got sent to a group chat before.

3. Beware of Missing Dog: Could you think of a bigger disaster moment? First, there is a sign warning people about a dog, then you see this giant hole that’s broke through the fence. For anyone walking by and witnessing this, they know that disaster is right around the corner. Thankfully we are there to see the moment after.

4. The Spilt Drink: This moment ended in two different disasters. The first one is that this girl is clearly going to be drenched in whatever alcoholic beverage was in that cup. And the second is that something disastrous is going to happen to one some more of these guys once the event strikes.

5. When Mom Cuts Your Hair: We have all been where this unfortunate guy is. Your mom has asked if she can cut your hair, and you think, what could go wrong? I mean, come on, your mom would never want you to look bad or a way you don’t want to look, right? When you let it happen for the lucky ones, your hair turns out great. But for some poor souls, they are left with a disaster.

6. The Runaway Toilet Roll: This is the disaster we all fear every time we go to a public restroom. That toilet roll has run away on this unfortunate person. And no matter how many times they pull to get it back, it will continue to unravel until every bit of it has touched the dirty tiled floor. What else could possibly go wrong? Oh well, they will just have to wait for someone to go in other stall and hand them another roll.

7. Runaway Shorts: This image is hilarious because it’s a dog that has shorts in his mouth. But once you stop to think about it, those shorts belong to someone on that beach. Either that person went skinny dipping or this dog ripped them off them. Either way, this individual is currently without a pair of pants on the beach. For onlookers, this might be funny but for the unlucky person, it’s a disaster.

8. Be Careful What You Tweet: We have all had a bad day before and wrote something on our social media that we didn’t mean. But for this poor guy death came to take him. We can all laugh at the tweet, but when looking at the photo there is the question of why someone dressed up in a death outfit. It doesn’t seem to be Halloween…

Reddit /u/ Oopsifartedsorry

9. Baseball Retaliation: The thought has crossed everyone’s minds of when this was going to happen and if it was going to get caught on camera. And now it has. The moment after this photo was taken, disaster struck. And it’s safe to say that this player was no longer standing up straight. The amount of pain he must have been in is unimaginable. Thankfully it wasn’t any of us.

10. Terrified Rollercoaster Ride: Every family member has tried to convince the youngest member to go on a big rollercoaster at the hometown amusement park. But for this young child, it turned out to be his worst nightmare. The rollercoaster was a disaster for the child but it was the moment he got off, that it became everyone else’s.

11. The Melted Stove: Not everyone is a master in the kitchen, but most people can cook. And it takes a really unique person to be able to achieve this level of hilarity in the kitchen. The photo is hilarious because we have never seen anything like this before. Yet, for this individual, there might be a disaster waiting when their “honey” gets home and sees what became of the stove top.

12. Falling Food: A lot of people’s worst nightmare is having their food fall, especially when it’s a delicious slice of cheesecake. This woman was innocently trying to take a photo with her perfect dessert, only to have it fall seconds later. The horror on her face displays the disaster that happened here. Let this photo be a lesson to all of us to be more careful with our delicious meals and desserts.

Reddit /u/ moi

13. Tattoo Fail: There is always a fear when getting a tattoo that it may not turn out the way you want it. For this individual, the tattoo definitely turned out to be a disaster. A tattoo labeling that they regret nothing but the T is missing in the Nothing, that is one of the biggest disasters that could happen. For all of us whose tattoos came out the way we wanted them, be thankful.

14. Time To Call It A Night: When people go to parties they are aware of how much alcohol they can drink. When it gets to the point that you’re pouring beer on your face instead of in your mouth, it’s time to go home. Let this be a lesson to everyone, when it gets to this point in the night, go home.

15. Surfs Up: Surfing is a challenging sport for everyone even the professionals, which is clear to see from this photo. It’s hard to tell at which point disaster began to strike. But we do know that the disaster is going to continue long after the photo. He is going to hit the water hard and then be trapped under for quite some time. Hey, at least it’s not me.

Reddit /u/ ukredditme

16. Undercooked Food: Some foods are able to be eaten rare or medium rare. Chicken isn’t one of them. It results in a variety of different illnesses that will leave you sick for days. So it’s pretty clear that after this woman thought it was a good idea to cook, and then eat these medium rare chicken breast strips, that she had a disastrous few days.

17. Frozen Car: For anyone who lives in a climate that has a winter season, this is something that may have happened to you before. Due to polar vortexes and other mother nature disasters, cars become frozen over. Usually, the ice is easy enough to remove. But for this individual, it doesn’t look like they will be able to make it to work the next day.

18. Fallen Ladders: For anyone with a fear of heights this is the biggest disaster you could experience. When you’re on your way to put up the Christmas lights or clean out the gutters and all the ladders you had up fall down. You either have to wait until someone gets home to help you out or wait until someone walks by and is willing to help you. What a disaster!

19. Terrified Dog Surfing: Surfing is scary enough for humans, so for these dogs, they must be horrified. The one dog, in particular, is having one of his ultimate fears come true. But the disaster isn’t in the picture, it’s the moment when the dog gets off and returns to his owner. He will definitely be putting his owner in the doghouse tonight.

20. Christmas Themed Cookies Ruined: Sometimes being inventive doesn’t pay off. This person baked gingerbread men and tried to give them an extra flavor with candy cane topping. It turned out that once the candy canes melted they made the gingerbread men look like they had been murdered. Those children are not going to be happy about the look of their favorite snacks.

21. Pool Fall: The moment after this photo was taken disaster struck for the lady who was clearly falling into the pool. None of her friends seem too concerned that she is leaning unstably towards the pool’s edge, even though her hand is reaching out. Let’s hope that when it comes to our unfortunate moment to have this happen that we are surrounded by people who will try to help.

22. That’s Got To Hurt: There are a lot of disasters happening in this image and one disaster saved. The hero in this image is the man who put his arm out to save the bat from hitting the young boy. But in doing so, the hero is going to have some permanent damage to his arm or wrist from the impact of the bat. Then there is the disaster waiting to happen to the person who swung the bat in the child’s direction the moment after this photo was taken.

23. What Is In That Apple?: After taking a bite out of what appeared to be a Granny Smith apple, the person was shocked to see that there was foam inside. Talk about something out of a horror film. Biting into something that you thought was food but turned out to be something else is a complete disaster. Hopefully, this mistake never happens again.

24. Pressure Cooker Disaster: This image is the epitome of a kitchen disaster. The entire kitchen is ruined due to the pressure cooker that was used. This is a disaster for the whole family, not only in the moment the picture was taken but also for the moments and days to come. They might have to order takeout until they are able to pay to get the kitchen repaired. What a nightmare!

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