20 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Who Really Didn’t Want Their Photo Taken


Parenting might be a lifelong job with long hours, no real pay or a chance to unionize, but it can be fun. Babies are tiny inebriated people who are constantly realizing new things. As they learn, succeed and fail, we’re right behind them watching and celebrating with them (or laughing at them). We like to think that children are like little farm animals, wired to listen to their shepherd in the good times and the bad. But in reality, kids have pretty strong personalities of their own (sometimes too much personality of their own). When kids resist and rise up against their caretakers we get:

  • Temper tantrums,
  • Untidy rooms,
  • Picky eating.

It’s not easy being a parent, and based on some of the ways kids behave, it’s not easy being a baby either. You’re non-verbal, your parents don’t treat your moodiness seriously, and most of the time you’re put in situations that you didn’t sign up for. As a baby, all you can do is wait until you grow up to get your badge of agency (and even then your parents will find a way to make you feel like a baby again). And as a parent, you hope your kids won’t remember the embarrassing situations they endured as babies just so you could have a laugh.

This is the case for baby photography, an art that requires patience from the photographer, the parents and especially the baby, who’s in no way aware of what’s going on around her. Here are 20 hilarious pictures of kids who didn’t want their picture taken:

1. This baby’s parents can frame this picture and caption it: “The super-villain origin story of our baby, who now rules LexCorp Industries.” (if they have a sense of humor, that is)


2. The “joy” in the bottom picture obviously isn’t about the kids. It’s the one felt by the parents behind the camera, as they watch and laugh at the irony.


3. None of these pictures look even remotely comfortable. The top picture is suspiciously perfect (see: a really good Photoshop job) and the bottom one is too real, to be honest.


4. The baby on the top has no business looking like a perfect elf child. The bottom baby is more relatable to all of us unsightly people who can’t pose for pictures. 


5. The parents of the baby in the bottom picture need to have their parenting credentials checked. Is that baby smothering herself onto that synthetic carpet? I hope not.


6. Do parents just find themselves staring at things that hold medium sized edibles and go “My baby could fit in that! Time for an artful photoshoot!” 


7. What even are babies? Are they Labrador Retriever puppies? Why is their first reflex to hold on to things tightly and then shove them into their mouths?


8. This makes me wonder on what day of the week these pictures were taken. The one on the left is clearly a Friday baby. The one on the left is clearly a Monday one.


9. On the left we have Amazon’s new Prime service: Baby Prime. On the right, we have a baby who’s tired of her parents and is ready to be shipped to a better place. 


10. The picture on the left is already bordering on weird and creepy (maybe it’s just me and my dislike of pregnant bellies). But the one on the right is special and worthy of framing.


11. Again, stop putting babies in fruit. The little one on the right will now never enjoy Halloween because she has a deep and intense phobia of pumpkins. Thanks for the psychological scars, mom!


12. And to reiterate the “Don’t put babies in fruit” rule: don’t put babies in small, uncomfortable containers full of edibles. Unless you’re trying to get your baby to hate bubblegum.


13. I can’t defend the baby on the bottom because I don’t understand the sheer horror on his face. Balloons are the best thing to be surrounded by. Sorry baby, can’t relate.


14. Both of these are already risky enough, but the bottom picture is specially hilarious. It looks like he’s trying to tell us his life story using his eyes only (*freeze frame* “You’re probably wondering how I got here”)


15. This is the most uncomfortable kiss in the world. You try getting your face flattened by two giant heads invading your space with unwanted kisses. I’m not good at dorky expressions of affection either. I relate to you, baby.


16. I agree that these are the only marks you should be leaving on your baby, but the mother on the right failed at both the shade of red and at making the perfect marks. 


17. Well, technically, the parents on the bottom picture are halfway there! All they need is to angle their camera right, set it to the right focal length, get a new baby and they’ll get a good result!


18. If the kid on the right can’t find happiness in being a princess and eating delicious cake, then I suspect that she’ll never find much happiness in anything else in her adult life.


19. On the left, we have parents pushing their likes onto their kids. On the right, we have a baby who is clearly having a good laugh at her favorite book. Or sneezing. Or remembering she left the stove on.


20. The baby on the right is the more accurate representation of what a snowman would be like if it was sentient. He’s cold, standing outside for hours and dressed in ridiculous clothes. Tons of reasons to be grumpy.


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