16 Women Who Were Never Considered Beautiful But Proved Everybody Wrong

We all have an idea of what ideal beauty is, thanks to society. But there are women who were never considered beautiful but ended up proving everybody wrong. Today, people need to learn how to appreciate the diversity around us because there are those who still judge others.

There are women who have a unique look to them, therefore they are often being underestimated and some are even bullied. Either by their peers or people on social media. Honestly, the power of social media can be a blessing, but it can be a serious curse as well.

Here are 16 women who were never considered beautiful, but definitely deserve for the whole world to know how truly amazing they are. They not only prove everyone wrong with what defines “beautiful”, but they are also a great inspiration for young women all around the world.

1. Ilka Bruhl is the first one our list. Born with ectodermal dysplasia, she was never considered beautiful. However, this rare genetic disorder doesn’t break this girl’s spirit. She makes it her mission to remind the world that everyone is beautiful. You can find her story on Instagram!

2. This is Sophia Hadjipanteli. She’s a model from Cyprus and she’s another woman who was never considered beautiful. But her unique look, particularly her unibrow, made her pretty popular among famous designers. She single-handedly managed to change beauty standards. Amazing.

3. People have always had mixed feelings about freckles. Some loved it, while others believed that women who had them weren’t considered beautiful. But Swantje Paulina never tried covering up her freckles. In fact, she’s super proud of them and has gained over 200,000 followers on her Instagram. She’s gorgeous!

4. Dru Presta was a woman who was never considered beautiful because of her height. Though she is only 3 feet 4 inches tall, this 21-year-old American model defied odds and proved all her bullies wrong. She achieved her dream of becoming a model.

5. Mikayla Holmgren was the first woman with Down Syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA Pageant. There are those who would never consider her beautiful, but she proved everyone wrong when she won 2 awards and inspired everyone to follow their dreams.

6. This girl makes you re-evaluate what society deems as beautiful. This is Em, a girl with vitiligo and though she doesn’t share her real name, her Instagram is full of gorgeous shots and inspirational quotes. This woman was definitely once not considered beautiful but has managed to prove everyone wrong.

7. There’s an ideal body type that society has announced. Anyone who doesn’t have that body is never considered beautiful. Well, Tabria Majors is one woman who is breaking those standards. She’s a plus-sized model who proves that curvy girls can be as sexy as Victoria’s Secret Angels. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in.

8. Here’s another model who has become very successful with a non-standard appearance. For a lot of you, this girl would never be considered beautiful, but photographers love her unique look. Lotte is loved by photographers by her beauty, charisma, and individuality. You get noticed when you stand out from the crowd.

9. This is Aleece Wilson. She’s the 9th woman on this list that was never considered beautiful. She has been quoted previously saying, “I never thought I was pretty enough to be a model because I never saw models who looked like me”. Wilson is now wanted by a ton of designers to walk down their runway. She’s walked for big names like Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.

10. UNIQUE MODELS is a modeling agency that looks for diversity when it comes to defining beauty. I’m sure growing up, Laura was a girl who was never considered beautiful, but she is now proving everyone wrong. Even though she is just starting her career, it’s almost certain she’s on her way to achieving worldwide fame.

11. Simone Thompson has learned over the years to simply ignore what others have to say about her. She has made sure to stay confident about her looks and have a positive outlook on life. This attitude has gained her attention from Puma, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and other popular brands. People can be mean, especially when they don’t consider you to be beautiful, but a strong attitude and positive people around you can get you far.

12. This is Coralie Jouhier. She’s 28 years old and happens to be a French model. Regardless of her age, Coralie is taking her first steps in the modeling world. Coralie says it’s tough to be in this business because of her unique look, but she loves her bright red hair and light, freckled skin. This girl is definitely is changing what beauty means in society.

13. Arina is a Ukrainian model who is taking what society views as imperfections and making them her benefits. There are those who would never consider this woman to be beautiful, but Arina wants to inspire teenage girls with nonstandard faces to love how they look. Arina’s most noticeable difference is her ears. But rather than covering them up, she makes it a point to show them off.

14. We’ve been seeing more and more models reject braces and leave the gap between their teeth. Luna Schulze is the perfect example of someone who doesn’t feel uncomfortable about the gap between her teeth. It also hasn’t prevented her from smiling broadly. There are agencies who wouldn’t consider this woman to be beautiful, but she is currently one of the models of the UNIQUE MODELS agency.

15. At the age of 12, Ashley Sotto was diagnosed with vitiligo. She has said in the past that during her teenage years, she was the girl that no one suspected would be considered beautiful. But as she got older, Ashley learned how to embrace her features and eventually began an art project that was dedicated to her unique body.

16. Seana Steele is the last woman on our list that would have never been considered to be beautiful. Though she has only recently begun her modeling and acting career, she knows how to attract attention and never listens to the haters out there. She also happens to be an activist of the Body Positive Movement.

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