Grandma Grabs Baby Bottle And Breast Milk Looks ‘Dark,’ Sees Green Ring at Bottom and Knows

The mother of 19-year-old Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, says she began to sense the resentment her daughter had towards her 11-month-old niece. But it wasn’t until the intuitive grandmother noticed the breast milk colour of her granddaughter’s baby bottle that she realized the extent of the 19-year-old’s anger.

Grandma Grabs Baby Bottle And Breast Milk Looks ‘Dark,’Allen County Sheriff's Department

After Rodriguez-Miranda’s mother welcomed her son and extended family into her home, her daughter began to harbour intense resentment against her brother and his family due to their presence. But it was when the family extended their stay further that Rodriguez-Miranda’s resentment took a cruel turn, specifically towards her own niece. Her mother, sensing something was different, began to go through her daughter’s cell phone and discovered disturbing text messages. Authorities said the cell phone was shared by Rodriguez-Miranda and her mom.

The messages outlined detailed attempts to poison and kill her 11-month-old niece. “Why didn’t that baby die dude. I hope she dies. I don’t feel bad about it … I’d never be suspect I know but I hope it works,” she allegedly wrote. It’s not clear if Rodriguez-Miranda’s boyfriend responded to the messages or tried to stop her. After reading the disturbing text messages written by her own daughter, Rodriguez-Miranda’s mother found a picture of a mortar and pestle with a crushed, white powder residue.

After taking screenshots of the text messages and photos, Rodriguez-Miranda’s mother went to the kitchen to take a second look at the baby bottles currently stored in the fridge. There was breast milk in two baby bottles, one taller than the other.

Grandma Grabs Baby Bottle And Breast Milk Looks ‘Dark,’Shutterstock | evso

Upon closer inspection, the grandmother noticed the breast milk colour of one baby bottle looked darker than the other and had a green-coloured tinge on the bottom. After getting the 11-month-old checked by a doctor and discovering the baby was healthy, she made the difficult decision to turn her daughter in along with the evidence she’d captured over to the police.

Grandma Grabs Baby Bottle And Breast Milk Looks ‘Dark,’Shutterstock | Roman Tiraspolsky

The toxicology analysis revealed that the mortar and pestle were used to crush nine Excedrin pills, an amount enough to kill a full-size adult. Rodriguez-Miranda used the crushed pills to spike one of the breast milk bottles in an attempt to kill her newborn niece.

Rodriguez-Miranda disappeared after her mother turned her over to the police and was a fugitive for almost a year. Rodriguez-Miranda was charged with attempted murder on September 28, 2017, and court documents state that she and her boyfriend are believed to be in Michigan.

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