2 Questions That Can Be Answered Only By A Schizophrenic Or A Genius


Trying to tell the difference between a normal person and a schizophrenic and a genius is almost impossible. There is no point in trying to do it by looking at their appearance. A genius could be a homeless man on the street for all we know. So many psychiatric tests are conducted, especially for schizophrenics, to find out what is going on in their head. These tests are done in order to determine if he/she actually needs help.

The one thing that a schizophrenic and a genius have in common with the average person is that they are all human. They all feel pain and joy, but what separates them is their mindset. Research indicates that schizophrenic individuals have an above average creative intelligence. A study was conducted that included 300,000 people with some sort of mental disorder. What it found was that those suffering from schizophrenia had an increased usage of their right hemisphere of the brain. Unfortunately, their cognitive process tends to be disorganized so they can’t always utilize this.

When talking about a genius, this is a whole different mindset. A genius is someone who has mastered the principles of conducting themselves. It’s because of this that they can achieve anything they want. Certain laws that don’t work, whether it is in technology or medicine, have been figured out by a genius mind. With that said, below are two questions that only a schizophrenic and a genius can answer.

Does the Mask Have One Side Or Two: By looking at the image below, do you see a mask that only has one side, or do you see two sides?

schizophrenic and a geniushttps://files.brightside.me/

Is the Mask Rotating In Multiple Directions Or Just One: The picture is the same as the one above. Do you think that it is moving in one direction, or do you think it is moving in multiple directions?

schizophrenic and a geniushttps://files.brightside.me/

The Answers: The first question asked you “does the mask have one side or two?” The correct answer to the question is that the mask only has one side to it.

schizophrenic and a genius photoagent/shutterstock.com

The second question asked you “does the mask move in multiple directions or just one?” The correct answer is that it is only moving in one direction. The direction it is moving in is to the right.

schizophrenic and a genius rawf8/shutterstock.com

If you got both questions wrong, don’t worry, you’re as healthy as ever. But if you found one of the questions extremely easy to figure out, you might want to contact a psychiatrist because your mind might be more advanced than you think.


The truth behind the brain of a normal individual is that it is easily susceptible to self-deception. It denies the relevance and evidence of things that are extremely important. Take both pictures for example; if you got both questions wrong it’s because your mind taking into account the extra shadows and artificial forms. It does this so it can try and correct the picture. Even if we didn’t want to believe the illusion, a healthy and normal mind will fall into the trick most of the time.


A schizophrenic does not possess this same mindset. Their mind does not have the ability to take into account the artificial forms and extra shadows. They see a mask with one side and it’s rotating in one direction. Their answer will never change no matter how many times you ask them the questions.


You might be wondering “how are a genius and schizophrenic different?” Well, the truth is that they’re not far apart. But they are different in actuality. A genius mind consists of a healthy person as well as a schizophrenic person as well. They have this unique ability to switch back and forth between the two minds. When a genius sees the two pictures you just saw, they will see what a normal person sees. But what separates them is that they also catch the illusion as well.


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