25+ Photos Of Dogs Before & After Their Adoption That Will Melt Your Heart

People underestimate what the power of a loving home can do for a dog.

Many dogs that end up in shelters come from the streets or homes that have abused them emotionally and physically. Sometimes when they arrive they are traumatized to the point where it may seem impossible to help them recover.

But the following photos of dogs before and after they were adopted will prove that a loving home can do wonders for them.

1. Nook Nook: Nook Nook is Ariel Nichole Dehart’s beautiful dog. He was born 100% deaf, so the owners in California saw no use to keep him since they couldn’t breed him.

Ariel Nichole Dehart

2. When she was volunteering one day at the pound, she fell in love with him instantly. He knows many sign language commands.

Ariel Nichole Dehart

3. Phoenix: Phoenix was surrendered to a shelter in Tennessee when he was just 11 weeks old. He had only three days to find a home or he was going to be euthanized.

Danielle Baldwin

4. So with help, Danielle Baldwin adopted him. When she got him, he had a bad case of Demodex mange and a bacterial infection. But with the right care and love from his new owner, Phoenix is healthy and Demodex free.

Danielle Baldwin

5. Chad: Chad was taken in by Isis Maria and her family. She explains that Chad was abandoned by his former owners. His past experience caused him to develop a phobia of men and a fear of strangers. But with some love and care, Chad has made amazing strides. Maria says that he is still shy around strangers, but he has come a long way with his phobia.

Isis Maria

6. Riley: Riley had mange when she was only a few months old. But when Jacki Loomis and her family came across her profile when they were looking for a dog, they knew she would be a good fit. When she arrived, Loomis says that she immediately rolled on her back and looked for belly rubs.

Jacki Loomis

7. Waldo: Jenn Mill wanted to volunteer at the local Petsmart by her, but unfortunately the event was canceled. So she ended up going to a shelter to volunteer instead. She says that from the first sloppy kiss that Waldo gave her, he became her new best friend.

Jenn Mill

8. Otis: Otis’ former owners were forced to give him up when their child was struck by a car. Their child would need around the clock care, so there wouldn’t be any time for Otis. When Krystal Noel Finneran and her husband took a trip to see Otis at the shelter, he peed on Krystal’s shirt and sat at her husband’s feet. They knew at that point that they were going to take him.

Krystal Noel Finneran

9. Wesson: When Stray Rescue of St. Louis found Wesson, he was bleeding and shaking in an animal control cage. He had been shot in the back and the bullet fragments were still inside him. With immediate surgery, they were able to remove the fragments from him, says Liz McKibben, Wesson’s beloved owner now!

Liz McKibben

10. Kirby: Pramini Kanakaraj explains that Kirby has a chronic dry eye and requires eye drops and medications several times a day. Because of this, the shelter she volunteers at deemed him “unadoptable.” But that didn’t stop Pramini from giving Kirby a loving home.

Pramini Kanakaraj

11. Waldo: Before Waldo was adopted, he was dangerously underweight and had crusty fur. But thanks to some tender love and care from his new family, he’s unrecognizable!


12. Whiskey: When Brittany Engeldinger first met Whiskey, he was at a veterinary clinic as a semi-permanent resident. His previous owner tried to have him euthanized for having a low positive heartworm test, says Brittany. After working at the clinic Whiskey was at for 6 months, Brittany knew that she must have him. Five months into working at that same clinic, she was informed Whiskey may have to be euthanized because he was a resident for too long. She immediately took him in and he now has a clean bill of health.

Brittany Engeldinger

13. Clover Belle: Sarah Snyder says that Clover Belle was in a Georgia kill shelter, and one year later, Sarah took Clover in.

Sarah Snyder

14. Pacino: Brittany Elder tells the story of how she adopted Pacino. She says that Pacino was brought to her animal hospital to be euthanized because he was too aggressive. He was used as a bait dog in Camden. She says that the day he was brought to the hospital, he liked her face. It was at that moment she knew he was an angel.

Brittany Elder

15. Hope: Before hope was taken in by her temporary owner Cassie Hezel, she was alone in a local wildlife preserve. When she was found, she was starving and had a broken hip. But she had a successful surgery and is now fully healthy while living with Cassie.

Cassie Hezel

16. Miley: When Miley was first found, she was living in a pile of trash and was barely able to walk. But since she was adopted and living in a loving home, she is happy and healthy.

Frank Bruynbroek

17. Kenzi: When Kenzi arrived at Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Antonio, she was abused and neglected by her previous owners. But when she was adopted by a loving family, you wouldn’t even recognize her anymore.


18. Dozer: Dozer was shot and he was living on a porch for days before he received medical help. After two months of hospitalization, he was adopted by one of the veterinarian technicians that treated him.

Trio Animal Foundation

19. Albert: Albert was surrendered by his owner because he had a severe skin infection and heartworms. But he recovered from both, and thanks to the help from Young at Heart Pet Rescue, Albert found a living home.

Trio Animal Foundation

20. Wynter: Wynter went from living on the streets with dirty fur and starving to living in a loving home with a big backyard and a beautiful coat of fur.


21. Hank: Hank was abused by his previous owners. They left him with scars and he became very timid. But thanks to a loving family that adopted him, he’s no longer timid and is always smiling!


22. Annie: For four years, Annie was forced to survive on her own while living on the streets. But when she was finally taken in by a loving family, you can see how it changed her. The first picture is the first day she met her family, and the second is one week after staying with them.


23. Rey: Rey was staying at a shelter, but because she had been there for so long, she was one day away from being euthanized. But thanks to a loving owner, Rey escaped “death row” and is now happier than ever!


24. Kasper: Kasper traveled from Romania to the UK to stay with his new family. You can tell by the look on Kasper’s face that the trip was well worth it!


25. Nacho: Nacho is a very special dog, he only has one eye. When he was first adopted, you could tell that there was deep sadness in him. But since he has found a loving home, he’s even more special because of his gigantic smile!


26. Toby: When Toby was at the shelter, he looked exhausted and depressed. The sleeping conditions were not relaxing at all for the two years he spent there. But since being adopted, he has become the king of the house.


27. Harper: Harper was staying at the Fairfax Animal Shelter. He had been returned at least three times and looked very scared and alone. But thankfully a loving family took Harper in and changed her life forever.


28. Charlie: When Charlie was taken in by the shelter, he was in serious need of love. You could tell that he was unhappy and just wanted someone to take a chance on him and to love him. Charlie is now in a loving home where he can’t stop smiling!

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