Google CEO Makes Fixing Hamburger Emoji His Top Priority

Google CEO Makes Fixing Hamburger Emoji His Top PriorityEmojipedia

The origin of the emoji dates back to the late 90s on some of the first Japanese mobile phones. The term emoji comes from the Japanese words e (絵 meaning ‘picture’) and moji (文字 meaning ‘character’). Nowadays, the modern emoji is somewhat of a work of art.

However, some modern cellphone users feel that the latest emojis can be improved upon, specifically when it comes to the HAMBURGER!

Believe it or not, some people in this world have enough time and energy to criticize a hamburger emoji… specifically where the cheese is placed on top of the patty. You heard me! This is a cheese placement, problem people!

Twitter user and author Thomas Baekdal (@baekdal) quickly pointed out how varied the two burger emojis are in comparison. The problem? Google puts the cheese UNDER the beef patty! Who does this? Honestly.

Let us look then at some other companies and how they handle this now INFAMOUS burger emoji. Here is Microsoft’s Hamburger emoji. Notice how not only is the cheese placed on TOP of the patty, it’s delightfully melting to give that oozy goodness craving! Microsoft gets it.

Here is the Samsung version of the hamburger emoji. Although the cheese is on top of the lettuce, which we feel is a weird choice, the solution still remains the same. The cheese is placed OVER the patty.

LG’s emoji is a lot more basic, but it still hits the nail on the head when it comes to burger-to-cheese accuracy. Well done LG!

Here we have the HTC version of a Hamburger Emoji. HTC kind of went all-out with this one. They have a Double Meat Patty! The cheese is located on top of the first patty. This is the most acceptable version I can think of, although we would still accept placing the cheese above the second patty, so long as the cheese remains above and not below.

Twitter user Thomas “Kick Nazis out, @Jack” Fuchs (@thomasfuchs) made a similar comparison about how ridiculous the Beer Emojis are between Apple and Google. Notice how the beer doesn’t even reach the top of the glass, but somehow there’s foam there? Anyway, we digress…

When you compare the burger emoji to each of these other emojis, it’s clear where Google stands when it comes to quality. The cheese needs to go ON TOP OF THE PATTY! You don’t throw a burger on the grill and put the cheese down first! What is this nonsense!? Everyone knows you put the cheese over the patty after it’s cooked a bit to let it melt over the burger! COMMON SENSE.

Thankfully, Google CEO Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai) responded in kind, sharing that he will bring this up in the office and make this a top priority! Well done Mr. Pichai! If only folks could agree on the correct way of doing it. There is a correct way, Mr. Pichai. The cheese goes on top of the patty. There is no other way. Only the wrong way.

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