Suri Cruise Not Affected That Own Father, Tom Cruise, Allegedly Declined To Meet Up With Her


Life can be full of disappointments no matter how old you are. You could be passed up for a promotion, your favorite football team lost in the Superbowl, the bottom line is that no matter how much you prepare for it, disappointment is never easy to handle.

But there are some people who handle disappointment very well, especially young children. You are probably thinking that children get disappointed and upset very easily, but you would be surprised how mature and strong they can actually be.

Take Suri Cruise for example; the whole world has seen Suri grow up without her biological father by her side. It is a sad story to hear, but she has managed to do it and maintain a strong head on her shoulders.

For those of you that do not know the story, previous reports have indicated that Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise had to give up being a father to his daughter because the church he is part of gave him no choice.


So now we go from previous reports to recent reports that claim Tom Cruise is unwilling to meet up with Suri. Most daughters that would experience this situation would be upset or even devastated, but Suri has come to terms with it.


Another previous report has indicated that Tom has not seen his daughter in almost 3 years. Growing up without a father is something that I would hope no boy or girl would ever have to go through. But I guess Suri has developed a sense of reality that her father does not want to be with her, and she is alright with it.

In a previous report, a source told Life & Style Magazine that Suri does not even miss her father anymore. This would explain why Katie Holmes, the mother of Suri, never mentions Tom in any of her interviews. She even went as far as to ban any of her friends and family from speaking or discussing anything about Tom.


It is no secret that Holmes has done everything in her power to protect Suri from witnessing or being a part of the ugly side of Hollywood, and cutting all ties with her ex-husband is at the top of the list.


If Suri can get over the absence of her father, then Holmes can as well. In fact, she has reportedly been dating Jamie Foxx after the drama with her husband finally ended.


The two have tried their best to keep things low-key and not give the media another reason to relate this to the past with her ex-husband. But they spend a lot of time together which could be an indication that the relationship may be growing deeper.

Despite Holmes and Foxx never publicly stating that they are in a relationship, rumor has it that the two may be ready to take things to the next level. Personally, I think it would be great for Suri to finally have a present father figure in her life.

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