This Mother Will Not Let Scowlers Deter Her From Breastfeeding At Disneyland

Disneyland is supposed to be a magical place for families to come and create happy memories, but one park regular found herself being shamed while queuing for a holiday photo. Queues are part of the experience when it comes to amusement parks, and considering Disneyland has a larger cumulative attendance than any other park in the world, waiting is unavoidable. While in line, Brittni Medina took the opportunity to breastfeed her hungry 10-month-old son only to find herself being criticized by two other women.

Medina and her husband are annual pass holders and were headed to Disneyland to enjoy the Christmas decorations and take a seasonal family photo. In the queue for the photo, Medina’s son was showing signs of hunger so she decided to nurse him without hesitation. Two women behind her began shaming her for nursing in public, making disgusted faces and telling her that she should leave. Instead of letting the bullies win, Medina continued to breastfeed her child knowing that the law and Disneyland’s policies were in her favour. Still, the woman continued to relay snarky comments behind her back.

To flip the shame game around, Medina got her husband to take a picture of her happily nursing her son while the two women could be seen judging her in the background. Medina uploaded the picture to Facebook where it quickly garnered attention. In just a matter of days, the post received thousands of shares, reactions, and comments. Medina edited her post to say that she wasn’t seeking attention by sharing her experience but wanted to bring attention to the fact that no woman should be shamed for feeding their baby uncovered.

In an interview with CafeMom, Medina expressed that it wasn’t just that she was being shamed for nourishing her child in public that bothered her, it was that it was coming from other women. “I’m sad that especially women are shaming moms for feeding uncovered. I was tired of people being so indirectly rude! So now I don’t care; I’ll feed whenever and wherever. In a house or on a train; in a car or a plane,” she stated.

Unfortunately for Brittni Medina, this public abashment isn’t an isolated incident. Medina told CafeMom, “People get so mad anywhere I go. Most smile or look away, but almost every time there are a few that look angry or like they saw a ghost. I was tired of hiding to make others happy. My son loves eating whenever. He knows I would never deny him to make others comfortable.”

Mother Will Not Let Scowlers Deter Her From Breastfeeding At Disneyland |

Medina is a strong believer that no mother should have to cover herself up to nourish their newborn. She hopes that by sharing this picture on Facebook, other moms will feel empowered to also stand up to people who try to make them feel shame for this natural act of motherhood.

As the picture continues to circulate on the Internet, Medina has found herself overwhelmed by the positive feedback. “So many have commented saying they wish they had the confidence. I want them to find it and let it shine! Feed anywhere and everywhere,” She told CafeMom. “I took the photo in hopes that it inspires mamas to uncover if they wish! To find the confidence to say, ‘Screw everyone else! As long as my baby’s happy!’”

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