This Is What Your Eye Color Says About You

Hey there! You know that old saying…The eyes are the window to the soul, right? Well, they could be a lot more than that. Are they a window into your personality too? Keep your eyes on the prize because today at Bestie, we’re gonna find out.

Our eyes are part of our anatomy, so it makes sense that they would be able to say something about us. Turns out, it actually goes a bit deeper, some scientists believe that the colour of your eyes is determined by the same genes that form the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is responsible for things like memory, and judgement, and is the control panel for our personality and how we communicate with one another. That means our eye colour could be connected with our personality. So let’s find out what your eye colour means for you!

1. Brown Almost Black

Even though brown eyes are the most common eye colour that doesn’t make you common. Our eye colour is determined by our genes, and the more melanin you have or that your body produces, the darker your eyes will be. Some folks can have such dark eyes that they almost appear black because of all that melanin. This is a very rare eye colour and is believed that folks who have really really dark eyes are more easy-going and agreeable. Interestingly enough folks who have this mysterious eye colour also tend to drink less. Not only are you more likely to have leadership qualities, but melanin is used by your body not just for pigmentation, but also as an insulator for the electrical connections between your eyes and your brain cells. The more melanin you have, the better those connections could be. For example, folks with brown eyes will have a faster reaction time than those with blue eyes, because of the extra melanin. This means when it comes to things like sports that require you to react quickly like tennis, those who have more melanin (dark eye colour) will probably be better suited. Your brain just might work a bit faster, which is pretty cool. Don’t worry if you don’t have brown eyes, we all have different strengths, you’ll find out yours coming up in the article.

2. Brown

As we talked about earlier just because brown is the most common eye colour it doesn’t mean you’re common! As we slowly get lighter and lighter on the eye colour scale we arrive at brown. We’re talking about a lighter shade, like a chestnut or honey colour type of brown. The same goes for your brown eyes, you have more melanin in your system, so that’s why your eyes are darker than most. It’s been discovered that folks with this particular eye colour tend to be pretty loyal, gentle and respectful of others. However, in no way does this mean you’ll let people walk all over you. Just like those with really dark eyes, you also fit under the category of being more agreeable than those with lighter eyes. Just like your darker-eyed pal studies have shown that having a higher level of melanin (darker eyes) makes a person more sensitive to alcohol. This means you’ll drink less overall, as you’re more likely to need less booze to start feeling tipsy. So if you have brown eyes, maybe keep an eye on how many drinks you consume, when trying to keep up with your blue-eyed buddies. Alright, up next on the eye colour scale, are his hazel-coloured eyes.

3. Hazel

Are your eyes green? Are they brown? If you often wonder about your eye colour, then you probably have a mixture of the two! This is commonly known as the eye colour hazel. You could also have a ring of green closer to the middle of your pupil and a darker ring around the outside, or vice versa. This is a pretty rare shade as well and is known to change from green to brown often. Since this is a pretty rare colour, you’ve probably been told you’re unique! Since the amount of melanin (the stuff that makes your eyes dark, remember?) is different for everyone, no hazel eyes are the same. Your hazel eyes may look totally different next to someone else who also has hazel eyes. Because this colour is unique, people with hazel eyes are often labelled as being confident, spontaneous and independent. On the science side of things, hazel eyes might be striking and very beautiful on the outside, but they might not be doing you any favours on the inside. Doctors claim that hazel-eyed folks tend to have an intense mixture of colours because certain materials in the bloodstream were broken down due to the liver being imbalanced. This, in turn, means those who have this lovely mixture of colours might also have some digestive issues. Up next, blue eyes!

4. Blue

Ah yes, beautiful blue eyes. Crystal clear like the sea, or like the big blue sky. If you have blue eyes then you have very little melanin pigment which is part of the reason why your eyes are blue. It was previously believed that at least one of your parents had to have blue eyes in order for you to be born with the same colour, but science is now saying that isn’t true. The idea that you inherit your eye colour is actually a lot more complicated than that and you can actually have a different eye colour than both of your parents depending on the mixture of multiple genes. Which is also pretty cool when you think about it, thanks to science! Keeping with the gene pool theme, if you have blue eyes it is likely that your ancestors came from Europe. Some studies showed that while very striking, those of us who have blue eyes can lean toward being timid, and nervous about trying new things. On the flip side though there are also some studies that say those who have blue eyes are known for being competitive and even egotistical at times. Don’t get too down on yourself yet, blue eyes there’s a bonus to having a lighter colour. Studies show that blue-eyed women can handle more pain than their brown-eyed counterparts, especially when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. Not to mention blue-eyed folks have the ability to deal with anxiety and depression better than those with darker eyes. Seems there’s a lot more than we thought behind blue eyes. Keeping with the lighter colours, let’s give the green light and head on over to our green-eyed pals.

5. Green

Oh, green eyes, so many songs written about you! Don’t take offence to the term green-eyed monster, because that’s not who you are! Most of us out there find green eyes to be the most alluring, sexy or mysterious and often people envy this eye colour the most. Because there is a balance of melanin, unlike those with blue eyes, people who have a more greenish colour tend to have some of the same traits as those with brown eyes. Specifically being easy to get along with and self-confident. It’s sometimes said that those with green eyes have a connection to nature, but there’s no real science we could find behind that to really prove anything. It’s probably just because when you think of nature, you often think of things like green grass or green leaves, that sort of stuff. As for history, why do you end up with green eyes? The same goes for green-eyed folks as for the baby blues, your ancestors probably descended from Europe if you’ve got green eyes. Some believe that those who are lucky enough to have the elusive green-coloured eyes tend to be originals themselves and perform great under pressure. Not to mention they are unpredictable and tend to be calmer types of people who won’t get angry very often. Sounds like a bunch of great qualities to us! The only real downside seems to be the same issues for those with hazel-coloured eyes. If your eye colour is greenish, or one that has spots of green and maybe some yellow or grey then you may also be susceptible to intestinal issues too. Most “mixed” eye colours will fall under this same category of people who could be more prone to digestive issues. From green, we head to grey.

6. Grey

Ok, so full disclosure, grey is really just a lighter or “dimmer” version of blue. However some people out there legit have pure grey eyes, so we don’t want you to feel left out! Remember that melanin stuff we were talking about? Well, if you have dark grey eyes, then you’ve got more of this pigment in the front of your eyes, and if you have light grey eyes, then you have a lot less melanin which is why they’re lighter, like our pals with the blue eyes. Everyone is different and that’s what makes eye colour so cool! If you have dark grey eyes you’re more likely to be well balanced. You are very adaptable and can tailor yourself to any situation or person. If you have light grey eyes then you have to work a little harder to be taken seriously and can be shy at first. But when you warm up to people your true personality shines through.

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