16 Trash Humans Who Really Mastered The Lifehack

The internet is full of great tips and tricks for making everyday life easier. These have come to be known as lifehacks. However, along with the good ones, there is also a good amount of the worst life hacks ever floating around the internet. These terrible life pro tips might cost you money, your dignity, or even your life.

Then again, what really makes a lifehack the worst lifehack ever? Who is to say that any of these tips and tricks are really that bad? Maybe a terrible life pro tip is really just a great life pro tip that hasn’t been fully figured out yet. Shouldn’t we be exploring all of these possibilities? Is this not what the human race does?

Definitely not. This should be made clear right now: do not follow any of these 16 worst lifehacks ever. This collection of terrible life pro tips should be used as a cautionary tale that sometimes an idea only seems good on paper. If you dare to try any of these in real life, you do so at your own risk.

1. Trying to find a way to avoid onion tears is something any good cook is looking for. This lifehack is absolutely not the answer though.

2. Sure, cutting tennis balls in half absolutely means that you can fit more of them into a tube. However, they’re not going to be much good after that.

3. We all have people we don’t particularly enjoy having in our life, but the solution to that is to avoid those people, not to give them drinks with wiener water and ice cubes.

4. This particularly terrible life pro tip should not be followed for any reason! Unless you’d like to be blown up, that is. Who even has matches lying around their place anymore?

5. This lifehack is apparently based on the real tip of putting your phone in a bag of rice if it gets wet (which also does not work, by the way).

6. Unfortunately, people seem to be very fond of this life hack. If you’ve ever lived with messy roommates, then you know that some people even swear by it.

7. Why would anyone ever need to do this?! There are snacks that are not nearly as messy as spaghetti that would be perfect for hiding in a book.

8. Throw science out the window and take this person’s advice if you’d like! You might be disappointed when this doesn’t really work. Try storing your boiling water at room temperature instead.

9. There is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of crying while studying, but if you are, instead of this crazy idea, put a fake cover on your book that reads “how to cry.”

10. Your vegan significant other would definitely not be happy eating grass. Instead, just buy a goat. Don’t even consult your partner. Just buy one right now!

11. There are far better ways to make sure that time doesn’t get away from you. Try standing in line at the post office instead. You’ll have much more time to get things done!

12 This kind of terrible advice should never be followed. What any good car owner should do is go to a mechanic, find out what’s wrong, then try to fix it yourself by following YouTube tutorials.

13. Under no circumstances should you try to simulate cheese with a post-it note. Post-it notes are made of paper, which is good roughage. Make a salad out of them instead!

14. Bagels are delicious, but cutting them like this is a bad idea. Instead, don’t cut it at all. Smear some cream cheese on top and you’re good to go!

15. This just seems needlessly painful and awkward. Why attach your keys to a nose ring? Earrings are much more popular and you achieve the same result.

16. This kind of methodology is absolutely insane. The best way to cool down an overheated computer is to put some ice cubes in it. That always does the trick!

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