At 11:11 AM Once A Year The Sun Aligns Perfectly To Uncover Hidden Veterans Day Monument

The Anthem Veterans Memorial (AVM) held in Anthem, Arizona is a monument that stands to honor the men and women who served or currently serve in the United States armed forces. While it remains in the same position all year round, it is only “ready” to be fully appreciated at a specific time.

At exactly 11:11 a.m. on Veterans Day, which is November 11th, the sun’s beams pass through the holes of all five pillars, illuminating The Great Seal of the United States of America. The five pillars signify the unity of the five separate branches of the United States military working and serving together.    

The reason for the differences in size is to represent their corresponding military seal placement. This is based on the Department of Defence’s prescribed precedence. Standing together on a regular day but on this particular day they are a special sight to behold and a great show of respect to those who have sacrificed so much for their country.

Much consideration went into creating the monument. It was not just a matter of ensuring that is aesthetically appealing but because of its particular feature of showcasing the seal, it was important that the placement and design were impeccable.

Especially because it was important that the seal was visible on Veterans Day. In order to ensure that the seal was present, 100-year statistical data was collected, and the altitude and azimuth angle for the structure were adjusted.

This was done in order to provide time and error fluctuations of plus or minus 12 seconds. The creators of the monument also forecasted what would happen to the statue over time and whether or not it will still function in the same way.

They checked the variance 500 years out after it is built and found that, if the structure remains standing for that long, it will still work.

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