24 Photos That Were Edited So Badly We Can’t Stop Laughing

24 Photos That Were Edited So Badly We Can’t Stop Laughing

Sometimes people go too far with their Photoshopping. Do the pictures turn out poorly? Occasionally they do. However, there are other times when these ridiculous Photoshop edits actually create a new masterpiece, something that stands out and says “this may be silly and look terrible, but you know it’s pretty entertaining.”

These are the kinds of images that everyone loves. Whether it’s a giant cat or a person with a turtle head, ridiculous Photoshop edits can take even the most mundane images and turn them into works of art.

They may not ever hang in the Louvre or the Guggenheim, but they have their place in people’s collective memories. These ridiculous Photoshop edits have earned a place on this list because they are hilarious, silly, and sometimes terrible. No matter what they look like though, you’re sure to get a laugh out of them.

1) Curves so crazy they warp the walls: Have you ever seen a woman with curves that could literally bend the very fabric of space and time? Probably not, so this image is definitely Photoshopped. Credit to the woman for at least trying to enhance her features, but next time, find someone with photo editing experience.

2) “I told you guys I had a girlfriend!”: This poor little dude… He probably doesn’t even realize how fake this looks. It’s always better to just be honest with people, rather than digging yourself into a pit of lies from which there is no escape.

3) “Can you smell what the wok is cooking?”: Yes, visual puns are pretty hilarious, but do you really think that Dwayne Johnson appreciates being turned into cookware? If this thing was real it would probably make a billion dollars. Just like the real Dwayne Johnson!

4) To be fair, curlers can get pretty loud: While this particular Photoshop probably didn’t need a lot of work, the result is pretty amazing. It’s almost as if the dogs were actually there, getting yelled at so hard that it made their hair blowback.

 To be fair, curlers can get pretty loud: Imgur

5) “Aww, she looks just like you!”: When you look at your child’s face, there’s a certain special feeling in seeing your own facial features on someone else. Hopefully, though, they don’t start looking like you until they’re older. Otherwise, you end up with a seven-year-old who already has a full beard.

6) Better just let him have the birdseed: Okay, if you walk outside and see a bird with a gun, you should probably just back away slowly and be somewhere safe. After all, there’s no animal on the planet that is more jumpy and nervous than a bird.

7) “Come on in, the soup is just fine”: Imagine being shrunk down small enough that you could swim in a hot bowl of soup. First of all, it probably wouldn’t be very sanitary, but imagine being able to eat your way out of it. For any food lover, it would be a dream come true.

8) Great, now the cats are doing it: Aren’t we all done with this whole “eating Tide pods” thing? That’s what we thought, but apparently, cats want to get in on the fun too. How do we explain to them how stupid and dangerous this kind of thing is? Cats never listen!

9) Looks like you got some person in your ice cream: Sometimes people are just asking to be Photoshopped. This guy who was eating an ice cream cone in a snowstorm was one of those people. Now he will live on forever as an ice cream-headed thing eating a dude’s head on a cone. Awesome.

10) Visiting a loved one in the hospital: People are busy, you know? Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to go and visit someone who is in the hospital. At least you can let people know that you intended to go by Photoshopping yourself into a picture. Make sure you know what you’re doing first, though.

11) So brave that even a jaguar won’t attack: That is unless this animal was just Photoshopped into this image, which it definitely was. Look, if you want to look cooler than you already do, try a pair of mirrored aviators or something. This is just sad.

12) “So, what do you do for a living?”: Isn’t it just the worst when you go on a first date with someone and they just sit there on their phone the entire time? You’re just looking for some engaging conversation, and they’re liking things on Instagram. So inconsiderate!

13) That rhino’s got some sick moves!: What kind of world would this be if rhinos could ride skateboards? Would it be more dangerous? Probably, but it might also be a lot more entertaining. For one thing, the X games would be a lot cooler. As long as they wear helmets, it should be fine.

14) Just a good ol’ reptile: This lizard is just having some all-American fun, right? Throwing the football around, drinking some Pabst, and riding in his awesome truck. The Confederate flag might be a little bit much though. However, the suspenders and no shirt look never get old.

15) So no one told you Photoshop would be that hard: Sure, you mention offhandedly that you and your buddies met the women from Friends, then they ask to see some proof. What do you do now? Definitely not this. Never this. This was a terrible idea.

16) We should be glad that this is fake: Really, do we actually want an image like this to be real? No one actually wants sharks with legs running around on land. That sounds like a terrifying prospect. This is one instance where a badly Photoshopped image actually puts everyone at ease.

17) Just hanging out with the former president: First of all, Barack Obama is probably taller than this guy. Second, why is he just hanging out in your bedroom with no security detail? Third, was anyone ever going to believe this? Hopefully, it was only intended as a joke.

18) “Check out my sweet new ride!”: That car probably has quite a bit of legroom, considering how huge it looks compared to its owner. His friends also seem pretty excited about it. They’re so enthused, that they’ve obviously broken out into a dance of celebration. Well done, sir!

19) The barbecue that is so amazing, it creates giant meat: You might think that company that produces a high-quality product would hire someone with just a little bit more Photoshop knowledge to create their ad. Can you really trust people who decided to go with this?

20) Someone didn’t have enough coffee before making this: And maybe the person who approved it was also running low on caffeine in their system. Either way, it’s pretty ridiculous that this kind of Photoshop job could ever make it to the masses, especially for a big company like 7/11.

21) Where to start with this disaster: Should we take a look at the perspective of everything? How about the fact that the bed is paper-thin? No? What about the shoes that obviously belong to the giant judging by their relative size in this image? No matter where you start, this is obviously just a terrible Photoshop job.

22) That’s a pretty amazing power washer: It’s so good at what it does, it can make your driveway look like it was made in MS Paint! It’ll be so bright and white, that it’ll blind people driving by. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to buy this thing…

23) How did a turtle get to be a sergeant?: He must have worked pretty hard to overcome his lack of speed. Either that or he had some pretty serious connections in the service. Although it might be kind of hypocritical of him to tell other people to go faster.

How did a turtle get to be a sergeant?:Imgur

24) That’s a nice design: And obviously, it’s printed so perfectly on these sweaters that it almost doesn’t look real. It looks so cool that it’s almost like they just copied and pasted a design onto the picture without actually creating the sweaters. Can’t wait to buy one!

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