24 Times Weird Weather Broke Our Brains

Whether you can weather the weather or not really depends on just how weird and terrible it may be. It could be so beautiful and gorgeous that there is no weathering weather required. Sometimes, however, weather can require a lot of weathering.

It’s could be especially hard if you’re a sheepherder because whether your wethers weather the weather or not depends on the weather.

Okay, I’m done, these are the 24 Times Weird Weather Broke Our Brains.

1. Raining fish. Yes as it turns out this doesn’t just happen in biblical times. Since 1957 a litany of small creatures has plummeted to earth after being swept up by tornadoes and waterspouts. It’s not just frogs that Old Testament God decides to plague us with either; crayfish, small fish and even crabs have fallen from the sky as well. These fish were displaced because of Hurricane Sandy. I’m no fish whisperer (at least not until my training is finished) but I can deduce based on their fishy faces that they are not pleased with the move.

2. Moonbows. A single moonbow! What does it mean??? Tortured, aged memes aside this is a picture of a rainbow captured by a Julie Powell during a Montana lightning storm one night. While it is strange and trippy to see during the evening, I don’t see a video of it going viral. That’s already been done.

Julie Powell

3. Wind Bends Goal Posts. The year was 2008 and the New England Patriots were set to go up against the Buffalo Bills. There was just one problem: the uprights (goal posts) were bent because of the 120 km/h winds. It also happened at a LSU and Tennessee match. America’s game twice thwarted by mother nature’s powerful breath and not even Tom Brady could stop her.

4. Hail Glaciers. Picture Texas: ranches, barbeque, the occasional cowboy hat but definitely not hail. Especially piles of hail that are ten feet high, but that is exactly what the state’s residents got one fateful April day. Piles of snow, ice, and hail trapped cars and forced road closures. This young fireman gives us a picture for height reference, it looks like he’s standing on an asteroid!

Amarillo/Potter/Randall Office of Emergency Management

5. Tornadobow. Our second instance of a weird rainbow came during this odd occurrence in an Italian town during a tornado. Reported by the Italian news team 3BMeteo, it’s certainly an odd weather occurrence. The photo is so picturesque too, not including the dark, ominous sky of course. The little tuft of air even looks like it’s smoke coming from a chimney until you realize it’s a powerful, deadly and destructive force of nature. How quaint!

6. Frozen Eyelashes. No, it’s not some new fashion statement millennials are trying (give it time), but what happens to eyelashes during the dead of winter in Russia. The funniest part about this is that was at -47 degrees Celcius… apparently, it sometimes goes down to -62!

7. Sky portal. Yeah, it’s REALLY a tornado forming over a Memphis college in 2015, but come on! It looks like it should be in the climax of a Marvel movie, this being the moment just before a huge alien army pours out of it.

8. The final circle. Looks like Dante was nice enough to bring his camera along with him on his most recent journey into the Christian afterlife. As for which of the two afterlives I’m talking about, I’ll give you a hint: I have a STRONG feeling these wouldn’t be the gates of Heaven. What it is actually is a natural phenomenon that occurs every once in a while over a river in Venezuela. Then again, it’s probably a major contender for what the underworld ACTUALLY looks like.

9. Make up your mind, nature! This picture is from Michigan, but for those of us who live in the Northern United States and Canada, we all face this terrible frustration. One day you’re in shorts and a T-Shirt, the next you’re slipping back into snow pants. We’re not safe until July and these days even then we’re wary.

10. ACDC’s morning commute. A 2017 wildfire in California caused this hellish mountainside, but I like to picture demons driving to work on this highway. Plus, being stuck in traffic for all eternity would be a great form of damnation.

11. Snowstorms in Florida. The sunshine state was tarnishing its nickname last December when it was suddenly blanketed with snow. Those poor retirees, I guess it was an indoor “bridge day” then.

Reddit /u/ rolltide_130

12. Russian Heat Wave. The second time Russia has appeared on our list, this time for the opposite of cold weather. In 2010 throughout July and August, it was so hot that an estimated 15 000 people died during forest fires or of good old-fashioned heat stroke. Seems Russia just can’t catch a break no matter what season it happens to be.

13. Mammatus clouds. What could these possibly be? A strange cave? A bubbling lagoon? A sweet foam party I wasn’t invited too? Well, considering you read the title you already know— they’re clouds. These, in particular, were incredibly well-formed mammatus clouds that appeared over Indiana one June.

14. Cappuccino Coast. Coffee lovers rejoice (kind of) because in 2007, the Daily Mail reported that a shoreline in Sydney was transformed into the kind of foamy mess you’d find in a Starbucks drink. Unlike the delicious drinks at the Seattle coffee chain, this foam was caused by churned up grossness in the ocean— dead plants, excretions from seaweed and even decaying fish. Not stuff you’d want garnishing a morning latte, that’s for sure.

15. Morning Glory Clouds. Wow, looks like I have to call my crazy friends and apologize for ripping on them about chemtrails… What’s that? It’s a natural cloud formation that only occurs over the southern part of the Gulf of Carpentaria? Thank god, I’m glad to hear the government isn’t brainwashing us via chemicals in the sky… or are they?

16. Floods and freezing. This is not, in fact, the new Iceberg by FIAT, it’s the result of flooding mixed with freezing. The people of Quebec, Canada were slammed with rushing waters during the light hours and woke up to all of it frozen. Canadian winters are SUCH a bummer, am I right guys?

17. Darkness approacheth. A typical Sunday drive goes wrong as some really dark and foreboding weather follows this guy in his car. Jeez, it looks like he’s escaping from the forces of Sauron or something.

Reddit /u/ ProcrastinatorSkyler

18. Beacons of Heaven. These gorgeous light streaks usually only occur in Canada and parts of Alaska and are caused by a combination of light reflections and ice crystals. These beautiful twinkling pillars have to have the perfect conditions to occur, so this photographer sure was lucky!

19. Dust Storm. Ah, Arizona. It’s the home of the Cardinals, one of the four corner states and also privy to some pretty sudden dust storms. According to the photographer, one day she was driving home and got a dust storm warning. At first, she saw nothing but the Grand Canyon State’s beautiful, shining sun. Then, not five minutes later…

Zombie Weather. It’s a dark and stormy night. You walk alone through a thick fog. Your eyes are wincing from the clash of the green grass and the weird, purple sky. Suddenly, the horrific moans of the undead pierce the night sky… it’s too late for you. Or at least that’s what this Redditor felt as he snapped a picture of this weird weather anomaly one dark and eerie night.

21. The Desert reclaims its land. This picture occurred in Nile Valley, Egypt when a dust storm kicked some sand onto a local road. We humans may think we have dominion over nature, but like the house at a casino, the desert will always win.

22. WAAZZAAAAAP?!? This odd ice formation in Russia brought back some great 90s nostalgia. While it does remind one of scream initially there’s one bit that truly stands out in our minds. Whether you know the joke from Scary Movie or the Budweiser commercial, this photo will have you reaching for a landline. “Whatchu doing bro? Just chillin, killin. True, true.”

23. Frozen street. No, Elsa was not dancing and singing her 2013 classic through this Brooklyn street. It was, in fact, the aftermath of a 7 alarm fire during a particularly cold New York winter. My question is: who was the guy who decided to ride his motorcycle is freezing cold weather?

24. Disaster prep. Clearly, they don’t get much snow in the Lone Star State, because the panic of one inch was enough for residents to clear out this local department store’s bread aisle. Gee, imagine the riots they’d have if they lived in CANADA.

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