People On The Internet Think Woman’s Boyfriend Is Michael Jackson

They say our favourite celebrities never really leave us when they pass away, they live on through their music, or movies, art, novels, etc. and they live on in ourselves as well. Even so, when we lose our favourite celebrities then we might find that we are quickly met with a series of conspiracy theories on how they didn’t die at all.

These conspiracy theories exist because of doppelgangers living their regular lives out in the world while looking like some of our favourite late celebrities. If you’ve ever dabbled in Hip Hop culture you may have realized that ‘Tupac isn’t dead is a really popular theory and it’s one that’s also been applied to the King of Pop himself AKA Michael Jackson.

Last week Monday morning, a Twitter user by the name of Lourdes posted a photo of her boyfriend saying he looks very much so like the King of Pop.

The tweet reads: “Y’all, my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me.” The photo was retweeted more than 1, 300 times and liked more than 5, 200 times.

People On The Internet Think Woman's Boyfriend Is Michael JacksonTwitter / GossipGrill

1,800 people left a comment stating their disbelief at the resemblance. Naturally, the jokes and puns would not come to an end.

It seems like almost every popular Michael Jackson song could be applied to the photo at hand.

The puns were definitely worthy of an ‘I look directly into the camera with a blank stare’ kind of look.

But things really took a turn when the photo was retweeted by one woman named Annie and she shot the tweet into viral territory. Her response received 150, 000 tweets, more than 380, 000 likes, and over 2, 000 comments.

Her format of puns created a long list that seemed unwilling to die down.

There was a relentless wave of jokes that made its way to the Twitterverse which people deemed the “funniest thread of 2017.”

Neither Lourdes nor her boyfriend has had anything to say about the current viral tweets but the jokes are definitely rockin’ us all night.

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