Do You Know The Difference Between Lust And Love? These 4 Endearing Comics Can Help

Ever wondered what the difference is between lust and love? Well, here are four comics that can clarify the difference pretty easily. But first, let me give you the rundown: there’s actually a huge difference between love and lust. There are a lot of people who can mistake being in love with just having serious lust.

I mean, a lot of us think we know what exactly love is, but I’m less convinced that a lot of us are aware when we are in lust. So before we get to the cartoons, here is a description of the difference between lust and love. According to UpWorthy, Lust is “unbridled, physical attraction driven mostly by our sexual desires.”

Whereas love “involves giving yourself entirely, fully, without question to another person for a long time. It’s often about caring and forming an emotional connection beyond sexual attraction. The heart is usually involved”. Okay, that actually makes sense. But if it doesn’t, here are some illustrations to clear some stuff up.

Artist Karina Farek drew out some relatable drawings of a couple that is in lust versus a couple that is in love. Shea Strauss’ words add a ton to the endearing “it’s funny cuz it’s true” illustrations.

The first comic portraying the difference between lust and love shows the couple laying in bed. Both the lust and the in love photo have the man saying the same thing “you are the most beautiful person”. The only difference is, that the lust comic has the girl all done up, looking on point. Whereas the love illustration has the girl in her messy PJs, stuffing her face with a sandwich. Get the difference?

The second comic showing the difference between lust and love shows both the lust and love couple laughing. Only the lust illustration has the girl, sitting properly at the table, saying “you’re so funny”. Whereas the love picture has both the girl and the guy laughing hysterically, with the guy saying “I don’t even know why this is funny”.

difference between love and lustCollege Humor @KarinaFarek/ShiraStrauss

The third comic is all about what the guy is thinking about (and even what the girl is thinking about) when they are in love and when they are in lust. In this photo particularly, the guy who is feeling lust is thinking about when he can sleep with the girl. The guy who is in love is thinking about when they can snuggle up under the blanket and watch a good show…with “Netflix and Chill” as a bonus.

I’m beginning to notice a pattern between all these comics. Lust is clearly what you feel at the beginning of a relationship. The beginning is where the guy tries to show off all his best moves, and the girl has to be on her best behaviour. Both are trying to impress one another. When you are in love with the person, chances are you are way more comfortable and seeing your partner with no makeup and looking like a complete slob doesn’t phase you.

The fourth comic that shows the difference between lust and love is all about who’s “got this.” Couples who are in lust, follow what is expected of them. Like going on dates, the couple who is still in “lust”, the guy is expected to pay the bill. But the couple that’s in love? The girl isn’t afraid to take the lead.

4 Endearing Comics Can HelpCollege Humor @KarinaFarek/SheaStrauss

According to UpWorthy, scientists note that “lust is an altered state of consciousness driven by our primal urge to procreate.” It’s also believed to be more of the “honeymoon phase” that’s fueled by you idealizing that person. We put on these blinders to cover up any flaws that are there. But I guess that’s why you have friends and family to snap you out of it if need be.

And when you are in love, you see the bigger picture…pimples and all. But even if you saw those flaws, those imperfections, those annoying habits, you still want to continue being with that person. It goes way beyond the physical. The idealization is gone and you are totally aware of everything physically and mentally. Ah, relationships…what a tricky thing.

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