6 Surprising Things That Men Actually Find Sexy

Humans and the rest of the animal kingdom are evolutionarily predetermined to want to pass on our genetic information. We, as animals, are essentially bred so that we can continue the family tradition of passing on our genes.

While humans (dolphins and primates) are only a handful of animals that derive pleasure from sex, men and women need to go through a wide variety of hurdles in order to catch the attention of the opposite sex. From competition with other people to the facades of social media, there are a lot of challenges that come into play when men and women are trying to attract each other. Many women believe that they have to look, act, and dress a certain way in order to attract a man. Though popular culture would lead you to believe this, it is not always the case. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised to find out the types of things that men actually find sexy in a woman.

No, it’s not makeup, high heels or long, flowing hair. Attractiveness, for the most part, comes down to simple things. These things include a woman’s ability to be herself. And a woman’s ability to be herself can be reflected in all sorts of different ways. For example, a woman with the confidence to not have to wear makeup 24/7 is very sexy to a man. This means that a woman is comfortable with the fact that she is imperfect, just like every other human being in this world. Today’s modern definition of sexy isn’t just about materialistic things, it’s about being natural and having confidence in yourself. That’s what being sexy is really all about!

Now, here are 6 surprising things that a man actually finds sexy in a woman.

1. No Makeup

While men and women like to get ready or ‘dolled up’ for big events such as a wedding or a night out on the town, most men actually prefer a woman who doesn’t wear that much makeup. This is because men appreciate the ‘natural’ look and it subconsciously indicates to them that this person could be a potential ‘homebody’ as well.


A woman who can sport her natural look, or wear a minimal amount of makeup, is a woman who is confident in her looks and doesn’t have to put on a show for the people around her. She knows that whether she is wearing makeup or not, she is a beautiful woman. This gives off a sense of confidence that is very attractive to a male. Just like women prefer men who are confident, men love confident women too! Confidence goes beyond having the guts to wear six-inch heels or sporting the newest, risky makeup trend. It’s about being comfortable in your skin and not caring about what other people think.

2. Wrinkles

While many people want a flawless face with no blemishes or wrinkles, some men actually prefer wrinkles. This is because it suggests that a woman is mature and has a lot of ‘experience’ in life. Women who embrace their wrinkles and don’t try to cover them up with makeup or botox are women who are proud of their age. They have overcome many challenging experiences in their lives, and aren’t afraid to admit it.


Surprised yet? Keep reading to find out some even more surprising things that men actually find sexy about women!

3. Stretch Marks

While women want to get rid of stretch marks, to a man it is something so much more. Stretch marks are a constant reminder of what the woman has gone through physically. In some cases, if a woman has been pregnant before, stretch marks can be the testament to a bond between a woman and her child. They are also a testament to the beautiful and amazing life changes a woman goes through all throughout her life, and should never be looked down upon.
Almost all women have stretch marks. They are a way of life and are something that all women should be proud of! When a man sees stretch marks, he respects them. He sees it as a reminder of all that women go through in their lives. And heck, lots of men have stretch marks too! Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, and should be embraced by all.

4. Drink Phone Calls

Yes, no one likes a 3 AM call from their ex from back in high school, but if someone you genuinely like drunk dials you at 3 am, then that can actually be an indication that the person is thinking about you despite their inebriation.

As long as you drunk 3 AM phone calls aren’t a daily or weekly thing, it can actually be considered cute by certain men. And besides, who doesn’t feel special when they wake up to a drunken voicemail in the morning from their significant other or crush whispering sweet drunk nothings into their ear (or in this case, their phone)?

5. When She Tells A Joke And Completely Gets It, Wrong


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This is because it shows that she’s not afraid of being embarrassed or being laughed at. It shows her potential mate that she has flaws too and in all honesty, it can be kind of cute.
Lots of women probably find this type of thing embarrassing, but here’s a secret you all should know: guys actually love that type of thing. They think it’s cute and love that you have a sense of humour. Besides, if you can recover quickly it shows that you’re quick on your feet and aren’t afraid to look silly sometimes!

6. Casual Clothing

As Drake so famously said: ‘sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on.’ We already covered no makeup so now we need to touch on sweatpants. Sweatpants are something that men find sexy because it’s casual and natural. Dressing up can be fun but there’s a lot to be said about chilling in your pyjamas all day long with a loved one. If you can be sexy while you’re just wearing sweatpants or pyjamas, you better believe that you can be sexy in any other situation! And as much as guys love you when you dress up, their attraction to you skyrockets when they see that you can still be beautiful and sexy when you’re just relaxing at home.

Being sexy is something that comes from both the inside and the outside. As they say, personality is what makes a person. If you love to dress up and show off your sexy side but can still maintain that sexiness while dressing casually, not wearing makeup, and being silly, you’re the full package. A man loves a woman who’s got it all. They appreciate women who can show their vulnerable side – and be proud of it! Not many women are like that. That’s why guys love women who embrace their “pretty” sides and their “not so pretty sides”. It’s all about balance. And at the end of the day, beauty can only do so much for a person. It can’t cover up a horrible personality, and certainly can’t cover up a person’s true colours. A man can see right through a woman’s sexy attire if she has a bad personality.


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