Teen Gets Turned Down At Prom, Then Hears A Famous Voice Over Loudspeaker And Freaks Out

A giddy teen from Stillwater Area High School in Minnesota got the surprise of a lifetime after taking to Twitter to invite an A-List celebrity to her prom. She sat down in her classroom just like any other day waiting for the morning announcements. When they began, the voice in the speaker sounded all too familiar and for an unexpected reason.

Katie Kelzenberg, a high school senior is one of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s biggest fans. “He’s my all-time favourite celebrity,” she said in an interview with KARE 11. “I idolize him so much.” So much, in fact, she mustered up the courage to pull a “promposal” on him through Twitter. She posted a video of herself dressed up as The Rock showing off her Dwayne Johnson merchandise collection. She asked him to the big upcoming dance with a sign that read, “Dwayne, will you ‘Rock’ it at prom with me?”

Kelzenberg was hoping for a response, but certainly not expecting one. On a Friday morning, as she sat with her math group, she heard a voice over the PA system that made her jaw drop. Dwayne Johnson had recorded a special announcement just for Kelzenberg for her entire school to hear.

“Good morning to the Stillwater Area High School students, this, as you might have guessed, is Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock’ …” he said in a video posted by the high school. Katzenberg is captured on camera red-faced and totally shocked. “Katie, I’m sure you are soooooo embarrassed right now, but I just had to let you know how cool and awesome you are for inviting me to your prom,” The Rock continued. He went on to say while he was not able to attend her prom due to his schedule, he did have a special surprise for her.

Rock it at prom with me?Katie Kelzenberg

“Because we are now best friends, and I have so much love for you because you’re so awesome, I have a special gift. I’ve rented out a theatre tomorrow, the gift is this, grab all your favorite friends and closest family members and whoever you want to bring, because tomorrow I’m showing you a screening of my new movie, ‘Rampage’ … and all the popcorn and candy and soda you can drink, cause it’s all on me,” he said on the loudspeaker. He also posted his message on his Instagram account.

Hears A Famous Voice Over Loudspeaker And Freaks OutDwayne Jonshon

While Kelzenberg didn’t exactly get the answer she was hoping for, she was still over the moon about what her favourite actor had done for her. The Rock’s good looks and hunky muscles can’t be denied, however, the giddy fan said she appreciates him for much more than that. “He just seems like such a genuine person,” she said, “He doesn’t use the impact that he has to promote negativity, he only uses it to promote positivity and hard work.”

While The Rock couldn’t be at her prom in person, Kelzenberg figured out the next best thing. She brought a life-size, 6-foot-3 cardboard poster cutout of the star instead. While she was in a beautiful blue prom dress, he was in the red swim trunks from his recent film, “Baywatch”.

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