Fan Girl Fails To Recognize Her Favorite Musician On Plane, Hilarious Twitter Thread Follows

Imagine you’re casually sitting on a plane, listening to Drake’s latest album and he’s sitting right next to you. Wait, it gets crazier. Imagine you’re sitting on a plane, listening to Drake’s latest album, he’s sitting right next to you and you don’t even notice.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘How could something like that happen?!’ Well, it can, and it did.

Check out what happened when one fan girl ended up sitting next to her favorite musician, Dutch singer-songwriter Dotan, for an entire flight and didn’t even know it!

Dotan signed on to Twitter while on some very expensive Wi-Fi to let his fans know about the situation.

Fans offered suggestions of how Dotan should let this fellow traveler know she was sitting next to the musician whose music she was currently listening to.

Dotan updated fans and let them know the girl sitting next to him listening to his entire album still had no clue he was right next to her.

Fans began suggesting Dotan do ridiculous things like sing along to his own songs to get her to notice him until he reminded them he’s on a plane.

This is getting hilarious. Dotan and the fangirl next to him actually begin to have a conversation and she has no idea it’s him even after he specifically answers her using lyrics from his music.

Dotan decides to ask her why she enjoys his music and she answers. Still nothing.

Dotan admits it’s kind of nice to hear compliments about his music even when the girl has no idea it’s him.

They’re in the home stretch! Thirty minutes left in the flight and the fangirl still has no idea she’s sitting next to her favorite musician.

Wait, it gets better. Fangirl decides to let Dotan listen to…Dotan.

Dotan updates fans and lets them know he did, in fact, slip the girl a note before he got off the plane.

Dotan says it was overall a positive and motivating experience.

Dotan decides to update fans once again and let them know fan girl Alicia got in touch with him after reading his note and apologized for her ‘epic fail.’ Although she didn’t get to tell him in person, at least she had the opportunity to let him know how ‘grateful’ she is for his music and even got tickets to see his show! It’s a happy ending after all!

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