You May Be Completely Misusing These 24 Beauty Products

If you do your hair or wear makeup, listen up, you may be using certain beauty products incorrectly. Yes, even in this day and age where you can go on YouTube and there are millions of beauty vlogs to watch. You still miss some important beauty knowledge.

You may not know what these beauty mistakes are that you’re using, but don’t worry we are here to help you out.

Below is a list of 24 beauty products that you may be completely misusing.

1. Beauty Sponges: You will know you are misusing this beauty product if you aren’t achieving smooth foundation application. says to use beauty sponges properly you need to dab it, not rub it on your skin. Yet, that isn’t enough to apply perfect foundation application. says that a common beauty sponge misuse is when people use them dry. Make sure the sponges are damp when applying the foundation to the sponges.

2. Applying Too Much Foundation: Foundation is hard to get right and the product results in a lot of misuse. A common misuse of foundation is when people apply too much of it. Beauty blogger and YouTuber Lucy Kyselica says to apply foundation lightly and dispersed to ‘problem areas’. Kyselica says that applying foundation this way makes the skin look natural compared to thick foundation application that looks unnatural.


3. Unclean Makeup Brushes: We spend a lot of money on makeup brushes to properly apply our makeup. states that unclean makeup brushes result in bacteria buildup on them. When you go to use those brushes, that bacteria goes into your pores and causes breakouts. To prevent this from happening, make sure you clean your brushes regularly. Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown told, “Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month. All others can be washed once a month.”

4. Hair Oils: If your hair oil is leaving your hair more oily than moisturized then you are applying this beauty product wrong. says in order to apply your hair oil correctly you need to place some oil on your palms and rub them together a few times; this will heat up the hair oil. Then apply the hair oil to the middle and ends of your hair using a twisting motion. Remember to never apply this oil to your roots, it already produces enough oil naturally.

5. Mascara: If you are misusing this beauty product then you will never achieve the maximum mascara effect. says to make sure you make use of your mascara and wiggle that wand. Place your brush on your lash line and then wiggle the wand slowly all the way to the end. This will make sure every lash is fully coated and will leave your eyelashes looking fierce.

6. Applying Conditioner: A lot of people apply their conditioner the wrong way, and that way is putting it all over their hair. Hair Stylist Marc Mena told, “Stay away from conditioning at the scalp and instead focus on mid-length to ends.” This is because your scalp already produces enough oil to condition your roots itself. The next time you take a shower, keep this in mind.

7. Curling Tools: When it comes to curling your hair a lot of things can go wrong. Beauty blogger and YouTuber Lucy Kyselica says if you want perfect curls, ditch the heat that will damage your hair. Instead, try this trick which she claims will also make those curls last longer. “Start with damp hair and a setting product…Separate the hair into even sections, twist each section into a curl and secure it according to the method you’re using. Then allow your hair to dry and set overnight.”

8. Perfume Fails: We all love perfume, but many of us are misusing this beauty product. When we apply the perfume to our wrists and then rub our skin together we are actually evaporating the product faster. This is according to, which also states that doing this creates heat which causes the perfume to evaporate faster. Instead of rubbing our wrists together when applying perfume, let it sit there and blend into the skin itself.

9. Eyelash Curler: This beauty product has the ability to make you appear more awake and like you have eyelashes for days. But when we misuse eyelash curlers we end up hindering our natural beauty. According to, make sure you use your eyelash curler before you apply your mascara. This will prevent any clumping that happens when used after mascara application.


10. Bobby Pins: A lot of us use bobby pins in our hair. One way to figure out if they are being misused is to see if they are falling out of your hair. If this is happening it’s probably because you are putting them in your hair the wrong way. states that the bumpy side of the bobby pin is supposed to be facing down, as that is the side that actually holds the hair in place.

11. Your Hairbrush: Yes, even our hairbrush can be a beauty product that is misused. One way to figure out if you are brushing your hair incorrectly is if it’s painful. Stylist Kelsey Osterman told that brushing your hair from the bottom up is the way to go. By brushing the ends of your hair and working towards your scalp you are able to deal with the tangles first. This will result in less hair being yanked out of your head.


12. Eyebrow Products: If you wear makeup you know that shaping your eyebrows is key to the perfect makeup look. The problem is that a lot of the time we misuse these beauty products. Makeup pro Nico Guilis told to make sure you line up your eyebrows first. Then go through them sparsely with a pencil, making movements that mimic your eyebrow hair. Then using an angled brush fill in your brows. “The goal is to really have the most even brows, but try not to overly fill the inside corners of the brows or make the end points too harsh,” Guilis told

13. Dry Shampoo: Washing your hair every day isn’t a good idea. It actually makes your hair lose its natural oils and thins your hair out. That’s why dry shampoo is a great beauty product. But we tend to misuse this beauty product because we apply it in the morning before we leave the house. The point of dry shampoo is that it soaks up the oils that cause the look of greasy hair. states that dry shampoo is supposed to be used between washes when your hair starts looking greasy.

14. Pore Strips: A lot of us think that pore strips work because we see the black dots that appear on the strip when we tear it off. But according to, what we are actually seeing on that strip is sebum, which is something our pores need. Skip the pore strips next time and try a dermatologist-approved acne solution. Dermatologist Rebecca Kleinerman spoke to and suggested using retinoids which she believes are a great solution to blackheads.


15. Cleansing Brushes: People love using a cleansing brush for their skin and that’s because it gets deep to get that dirt out. Dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi told that many people press too hard when using their brushes and they are supposed to brush lightly against the skin. “Scrubbing the face too harshly can cause irritation and even break capillaries,” said Tanzi.


16. Eye Cream: Eye cream is a beauty product that is supposed to make your eyes wake up, but it tends to be misused a lot. HollyBeth Anderson, the founder of HollyBeth Organics, told that eye cream should be applied to the orbital bone and not directly on the eyes. Anderson also mentioned that nothing should be applied on top of the cream for a minute after its application.


17. Acne Cream: When we grow up and we have acne we usually resort to the brands that are accessible to us. But dermatologist Dr. Carl Thornfeldt told, “These products dry out the skin, and, in turn, the skin starts to produce more oil and sebum in an effort to rehydrate itself, causing inflammation and aggravating the acne.” Thornfeldt said that adults who are fighting acne should try a non-drying acne product instead.

18. Body Oil: Body oil is a way for us to moisturize our skin and also feel sexier. But guess what, most of us are misusing this beauty product. Karen Young, the owner of Oui Shave, told that we usually apply the oil when your skin is dry. This results in our pores being tight and not allowing the oil to soak into our skin. Young says to make sure you pat dry your skin when coming out and the shower and then applying the oil.

19. Too Much Exfoliant: We have been told that exfoliating is one of the best things we can do for our skin, but it turns out some of us may be misusing this beauty product. Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas told that people tend to use exfoliants too often. This causes the beauty product to soak up all of our natural oils and dry out our skin. “This type of misuse can lead to the skin being sensitized and very thin once you hit your 40s,” Vargas told


20. Lip Scrubs: When you think of exfoliating you usually think of your skin, but you can also exfoliate your lips. The thing is, we usually do this all wrong. Dermatologist Stuart H. Kaplan wrote in his blog,, “A lip scrub exfoliates good and bad skin on your lips, they then become dry and ultimately results in even more chapped skin.” So it turns out that we shouldn’t be using this beauty product at all.


21. Coconut Oil: A trend that has been happening in the beauty world is using coconut oil as a face moisturizer. If you are someone who is thinking of joining this trend you might want to do a test run on a small area of your face. The reason for this is because states that coconut oil is super comedogenic. This means that it can cause a lot of people to have big breakouts after applying it to their face.

22. Applying Concealer Before Foundation: This might surprise you but you aren’t supposed to apply your concealer before you apply your foundation. According to, when you apply your foundation on top of your concealer it actually removes the previous product. They suggest that foundation should always be used first as the base for your skin.

23. Applying Eyeliner from Inner to Outer Eyelid: The winged eyeliner look is really popular these days but it’s really hard to get that perfect eyeliner look. states that people misuse this beauty product by applying it from the inner eyelid first and working their way out. They suggest that you apply the eyeliner starting in the middle and making small lines on either side of your eyelid, then connect those lines later.

24. Blush: When we apply blush we have been told to apply it to the apple of our cheeks, but this is actually causing us to misuse this beauty product. states that everyone’s face shape is different and if everyone applied blush to the apple of their cheeks then some people would end up looking like they have blotchy skin. Instead of this, they suggest placing two fingers beside your nose and apply blush in that area. This is sure to make any blush application look natural.


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