Nail Salon Charging More For Overweight Customers And People Are Not Okay With It

Most of us know that when we need some time to ourselves, some relaxation, some pampering, nothing’s better than getting a manicure and pedicure. It’s not just about getting nice nails, but getting your feet rubbed, cleaned…the whole spa treatment.

Everyone is able to get this beauty treatment. Whether you are male or female, young or old. But it comes at a price. We all know that luxury comes with a price. Most manicures and pedicures are not so cheap, but fairly priced.

But one particular salon decided to charge more money for customers who happened to be “overweight”. You read that correctly. If the salon finds you on the heavier side, they will charge you more. That’s pretty messed up!

Deshania Ferguson, a Facebook user, decided to share a photo on her account of the salon, calling it completely “rude”.

The salon notes that if any customer happens to be “overweight” they will be charged “$45” in service fees.

Facebook @DeshaniaFerguson

Their logic behind this? They believe that it requires more work and effort to give a pedicure to someone who is “overweight”…according to their standards of course.

It’s really difficult to comprehend how people can write something like this, put it in the front of their business and think it’s totally okay.

Facebook @DeshaniaFerguson

Well, people on Facebook clearly didn’t let this one pass. They weren’t happy at all with the sign and decided to speak out….and many of them weren’t holding back. At all.

Facebook @DeshaniaFerguson

Comments just came pouring in on this girl’s post. People were saying things like “What is the world coming to”, “That is a lawsuit in the making and he deserves it…”

Facebook @DeshaniaFerguson

Another Facebook user decided to stand up for girls of all shapes and sizes, writing “It don’t matter if you’re overweight or if you’re thin! Either way that sign is ridiculous!”

Facebook @DeshaniaFerguson

With the amount of attention this photo got and the amount of fire this salon is under, I highly doubt they will have their business open for very long. No one should take it upon themselves to make other people feel bad for the way they look. Especially at a place that is about relaxation and making people feel good!

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